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Other Animals we have owned since our Marriage back on Dec. 23, 1951

More Animals we have owned.
Prince was a Collie/ German police mix which gave her both the gentleness of a Collie and the protection of a Police dog. There was a time when we had a family in our area whose boys were always looking for a fight with someone. So, I would take Prince with me for protection and walk to meet my daughter ( 16 at the time) as she walked home from her job in the Hosp. caffeteria. Walt used to warn me that those boys wouldn`t care if I was a woman. I knew prince would protect me, so I didn`t worry. You see even when I was fooling around with my teenage boys, if they tried picking on me, Prince would jump up on me, turn her head towards the boys and growl at them. Inorder to fool with the kids, I had to first put Prince outside. We didn`t have the leash laws here back then, but Prince never left the side porch unless she was following one of us. But he would go straight home if we sent him back. We had him for close to 14 years. Then she got into a fight protecting her food dish from the neighbors dog. The other dog bit her on the neck causing an abcess so bad that the vet said it needed an operation, but Prince was too old to live thru the op.
Then there was Flopsie, our little beagle. She first belonged to a daughter , then her hubby brought home another dog and she didn`t want two dogs. I told her I didn`t want the other dog, but I would take Flopsie. A granddaughter named her that because she said her ears flopped. We had her over 10 years. She was almost blind and couldn`t climb anymore and I was carrying her up and down the porch. Finally I could see she was in too much pain and I had to take her to the vets. It broke my heart both times- with Prince and with Flopsie. After that I never wanted another dog, till Sassy changed my mind a few years later.
Then before those dogs there was Champ. His mother was my oldest daughters mineature Police dog. But his father must have been some large dog as Champ was one real strong puppy and at 3 months of age while I was walking him out to tie him up, I got just as far as the porch when a neighbor walked by with his dog. Champ took off on a fast run carrying me flying thru the air and dumping me on the driveway between our two cars. he was already getting to be a big dog. I had to dig my hands into the ground to halt him . Then shortly before he was a year old, he snuck out the door when one of the kids opened it. Off he went on a fast run- up the road and crossed the main road into the woods. My youngest son and a cousin went running after him. About 10 minutes later the nephew came running and told me Ron needs something to hook on Champ to bring him home. He told me to hurry as he didn`t think Ron could hold him very long. Later I heard champ had run over half way around the large pond in the woods and everytime the boys got near him, he would stop look at them and run the other way. Nephew told me that Ron took a flying leap in the air and managed to land where he could grab hold of Champ. We kept Champ for about 4 years and by then he was the size of a small pony- tall and broad. He must have had a very large dog for his father. Walt was afraid of him because of his size, but he was as gentle as could be. Only problem was he was so large and heavy that when he leaned against you, there better be something behind you to lean against or you were going down. Then the youngest moved out and I knew that if he ever got loose again I could never catch him. So, I knew a fellow who wanted a large dog and he had plenty of room for him to run in. He came down with his teenage son and when I looked out later I saw how well his son and Champ got along. They were having a great time playing together, so I gave Champ to them.
Then there was the shaggy dog that was killed by a garbage truck in front of our home and then there was the little dog with the curly tail that was killed by a fellow driving the bread truck to our store. It was no mistake as he said if that dog ever barks at him again he will kill it. That little dog would just lay there by the porch and bark, he never got up when he would bark. A very friendly dog. The bread truck almost hit our house when he killed it. I called the bread co. and told them, either get rid of that driver or stop delivering to our store as that driver was never allowed back onto our property again. The owner told me that he had complaints before and this time he would be fired.
Then when the twins were babies there was this strange dog that hung around. She was so skinny that I felt for her and started putting out food for her. One day I took the twins in a carriage and along with the little 2 1/2 yr old, we headed down to visit my Grandmother. Shortly after we were their, a cousin stopped in and asked my Gram who owned the little dog on the front porch. I went to look and it was that little god that someone in a car had dropped off. That little dog ended up having 1 tiny pup on my Aunts front porch. Gram lived with my Aunt. My Aunt brought the little dog and her - then- one puppy and made a place for them in her bathroom. Later I phoned a brother to see if he could give us a ride home. He asked if the twins were too tired or was I too tired to push them back home. I told him I could easily get the three kids back home, but not the little dog and her five puppies. She wouldn`t nurse her pups, so I called the vet for a formula and fed them with a medicine dropper every three hours day and night. Lost one that night, 2 more the next day, well the last one lived just 5 days. A couple days later a neighbor called to tell me the little dog was dead under her front porch. Turned out the mother dog had been poisoned so the pups never had a chance. A couple months later we found the older daughters cat poisoned. We knew who was doing it, but couldn`t proove it. But the vet thought the little dog might have been poisioned was dropped of.
Then therewere the fish that one of the twins had. We were gone on a vacation and thetwin owning the fish and the girls were working when a friend dropped in to see the other twin. he had a beer with him which he poured into the huge fish tank saying he wanted to see how fish acted when they were drunk, well he found out as he killed them all. i was so irritated when i got home and heard this. Told that son what I thought and that he also knew better than let a friend bring in a beer while we were not home. Then next time i saw that friend, he also knew how I felt.
Years later the same son who owned the fish started raising rabbits. He had about 14 when some dogs tore the coop apart and killed all but the one rabbit that managed to hide where they couldn`t get him. He was born a three legged rabbit and still the only one living. My Son was so dissappointed that he gave that last rabbit away. We had rabbits dead all over the back yard and in one neighbors yard. Funny thing is we never heard any barking dogs, but another neighbor saw them when he came him from work late that night, but he never knew about the rabbits at that time.
Then another daughter raised some hamsters-- way too many. She had so many cages with towers and all. I used to make her take them all up to her room while i ran the Cub meetings as they loved watching the hamsters performing. After she graduated, she lsft home and i told her she was responsible to care for her own animals and she knew that before she started raising them, At the time she was working at the local general Electric night shift and her younger sister said there running those wheels was keeping her awake. Daughter finally gave them to our local pet store.
Hubby, a brother and I bought a very young bull once and had raised it for over 2 years when one day my bro called to tell us it had strangled on the chain when it suddenly took off on a fast run. Vet said he was pretty certain the bull was stung by a bee.
Well, think that tells about the animals we had, and most of them were my responsibility while the kids were attending school.
Now,I am glad there is just my trusty loyal Border Collie to worry about.

Having pets is great but they are work and they cause sorrow.
I have had 3 dogs, but Sammy a Keeshound lived for 19 years with me. I have had 8 cats, 2 of which are with me now.
They are like my kids in many ways and Emme is always by my side even now as I type this I just put her on the footstool next to me because she is to fat to jump that high. She is 16 now.
I have had scores of fish and an aligator.
A ferret once that I got because a friend was leaving.
There were the 2 love birds and a Iguana too.
A canary and a budgie.
But I am a cat person first :)
Yes Walker, they sure do become like members of the family when you have had them for a long time.
A couple years ago my Daughter who lives next door to me- called me on the phone and asked me to come see what kind ofanimal was laying on her picnic table in her back yard. it was one heck of a large Iguana. Later it was under her window in her front yard. it acted like it was interested in the noise from her air conditioner that was in that window. Then a few hours later we looked and it was no where in sight. All I could think was that maybe itgot too long for it`s cage and someone let it go, but it could have just escaped somehow.
A few years ago there were wild cats that were born under myshop. I kept feeding the little kittens so they wouldn`t die thru that winter. Called the Dog Warden about them and was told if i could catch them , I could bring them to the shelter. They said all their cages were loaned out-- kepy hearing that same line for over 6 months and by then warmer weather was back. After three litters in three years, I finally filled all the way around the shop[ and garage buildings so they couldn`t go under there anymore. Had one kitten that hung around for about 5 years, but I could never touch him. Well, one evening Sassy kept barking so i put the porch light on to see why. That same cat was sneaking near something and suddenly jumping back. he kept repeating this. In the dark I thought it might be a snake and took a flashlight and walked out back to see. it turned out to be a huge snapping turtle. The next morning i went out around the yard and it was nowhere in sight. Earlier this summer i heard a cat fight outside my bedroom window after dark. I went to the back porch and shone the flashlight and it turned out to be that same wild cat so guess it is still staying somewhere in the neighboring streets. Our of all the wild cats, he was the only one i ever named. I called him Elmer. That last time when they light shone on them the fighting stopped and both cats left. I hollered Elmer and the tiger cat stopped and looked back at me for a few minuted before leaving. So, it must have been him. Some of the kittens would come into the house and drink the milk I put in by the washer for them while the mother stayed on the back porch watching. I even manmaged topat a couple of them, but they were way to wild to pick up. They also came into my kitchen and drank milk by the frig as long as we left the door opened. One time walt shut the door and that kitten went crazy. In just two leaps it had crossed the kitchen and was sitting in the Dinning room window. I opened all three doors and aftera while it jumped down and scooted outside in a flash.I never was a cat person till i started caring for those wild ones. I a Horse and Dog lover. Who is taking care of your cats while you are gone? Bet they will miss youlike crazy and be real excited when you get back. Especially Emme since she has been with you so long. bet you will miss her too.
But, have a wonderful vacation. :) (:
I have a friend coming by but I know Emme will miss me alot. I was gone once for 5 days and they were all over me but this is going to be for 45 days so it might be hard on them
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