Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nov. 16th, 05- Still raining, working outside and inside

Has now rained for two nights and two days. Think it`s supposed to stop raining tomorrow. Sure is still pouring down. Hoping for a better day tomorrow as I am thinking of taking my car to the garage a few streets up to get an estament for treating the rust spots that are starting on the door corners and the rocker panel. Not bad yet so I want to get it touched up before the rust gets worse and I eventually end up with holes rusted thru. Being a 15 year old car, I hate to put a lot into it, but it still runs like a top and i `m hoping to keep it working for as long as I can. Yesterday I took down the two smaller shelfs that are on each side of the main shelf over the Dining area large window. I made two new shelfs a little longer than the old ones and made them the same depth as the center shelf.Now I can place all the larger Clysdale bubweisner Steins and cups in one place. before I had some of the steins over on another shelf and just the smaller mugs and cups on the two smaller shelfs that I removed. Now I am just waiting for my son to find time to nail up the end board enclosing the side between the roof and the porch roof to give it a neater finished look. Once that is done I can start putting everything back up in the dining area. Seems like there is always some more work to finish, or something else waiting to be started. I went out Monday and measured for the heavy plastic sheeting for the side of the porch. I like to hang it double thickness, so it measured 104 inches x about 42 inches-- or 52 x 42 when it is doubled in half. There was no place in the house where I could measure something that large, so I cut off what I needed from the huge roll and headed for the driveway where I could open it the full length and width. Then every time I started to fold it in half the wind would catch whichever end I wasn`t on and blow it back open. Finally I gave up fighting it and took the cover off the garbage can and used it to hold one side down while I folded the other side. Then came the real work of trying to handle something that long , wide and clumsy while using a staple gun to staple the plastic up onto the porch roof under supports. Got out my trusty ladder to climb up on to reach that high. I got just two staples in when the electric stapler acted up. After taking it apart three times to remove more messed up staples, I went in the house and got the old hand stapler. That sure works your hands from pushing so hard. I finally got that side stapled and then I cut and added a single layer going down the front side from the corner to the steps. Once that was finished my yopungest son stopped bvy and he was able to fix the electric stapler for me. Sure wish he was aroung earlier before my hands got such a work out. But, he was working then. I have put up plastic for the past two years and it has helped a lot as it breaks the wind from coming into the house so much when the door is opened. It also keeps the snow from landing on the porch unless the wind is blowing the wrong direction. So, one more job finished before the snow starts. Still need to go our and pull up the metal fence stake that holds the trellis for the runner flowers in the front flower box. Intended on doing it yesterday, but the rain still hasn`t stopped. I did mamnage to get out to the compost pile and managed to turn over part of it before the rain got heavier. Should be in mopping the bathroom floor, but needed a rest first. Glad it wasn`t too cold yesterday so I could work in the shop. Rain doesn`t stop me there, as long as it doesn`t turn into a thunderstorm or get way to cold. But those days are limited as it will soon be way too cold. I do own a round keroscene heater out there, but just never liked using it even though it is completely enclosed. I found out that I have trouble breathing around Keroscene. We used to pump keroscene when we had the Grocery store and it bothered me every time. Probably wouldn`t bother as much inside the closed up Heater. Well, I have loafed from working long enough, so guess i`ll hop out in the rain and get my mail and then try getting more done.

hello dot.
those hand staple guns can get to your fingers alright. when i was working heating and air we use one a lot to staple insulation on the duct work. after a while i was pretty fast with one and i had a helper for a while and we would try and see who was faster. well dorothy and i went to the thrift store today. we did not get up till late because we were up till 4 a.m. thats what happens when you are retired. i did find myself a nice pair of rockport shoes for $7.oo at the thrift store today though. well have a good one and i will talk with you later.
After three hand ops and arthritis warping my fingers, holding and pressing so hard gets to be quite a workout for me. but, when I make up my mind to get something done, I usually do it no matter how hard it gets. Thats the traits I got from my Parents, so guess I`m stuck with them.
I don`t stay up so late most nights now that i am alone. Even though I don`t usually get to sleep till 1am or after, I do get in bed with the TV on , grab a puzzle book to work on and when I think I can get to sleep, I put away the books and pen and grab that ugly c-pap full face mask and try to settle comfortably, but I often leave the TV on to help me fall asleep. Bad habit, but easier when there is noone`s breathing that you are used to hearing for over 50 years. House seems way too quiet when you aren`t used to it. You would think that after 3 years i would be used to the quiet, but after years listening to Walt breathing, and the last few years listening to the oxygen machine to be sure it keeps working ok, the quiet makes it hard to get to sleep.
Talking about shoes, I have trouble wearing reg. or heeled shoes. Years ago we were at a nephews camp and climbing up the steep hill, I stepped on something, probably a sharp rock, but was getting dark so couldn`t be sure. Cut open the bottom of my foot near the instep and after it healed it built up so much scar tissue inside that I am in pain wearing anything except for walking shoes- sneaker style. Hard to fit the instep to shoes. i don`t mind except when we are going to something special like a wedding.
Hope your shoes are comfortable. Thats what counts.
Have a nice evening.
Have you ever tried the reverse staple guns. I have one and they are great. They are easier to use and you use the heel of your hand to push down.
I can understand about the smell off something bothering you. My mother has asthma and any toxic smell has her weezing and stryggling for a breath.
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