Saturday, November 19, 2005


My Dog Sassy

I first got my dog in June `96 when she was just 3 months old. So she is almost 9 1/2 years old. She is a Border Collie. I first saw her when Walt and I visited one of his nieces and her hubby. Thie little 3 month old puppy was never trained and she kept trying to chew on the old cats ears. I know she wasn`t hurting the cat as the cat never moved away from her. After a while, noting that her owners were not going to stop her, I started taping her on the nose with just one of my fingers. After about three times she stopped bothering the cat. His nieces husband told me that if the cat wanted him to stop she would stop him. But, I figured if the puppy was allowed to chew on the cats ears, then what would she start chewing on next.
Well, the puppy seemed to like me even though I was punishing her as she followed me everywhere while they were showing me their trailer. She was always trying to jump into my lap, so eventually I picked her up and she settled right down on my lap.
Later when we were getting ready to go home, she followed me out to the car. I picked her up and carried her up onto their porch. But, before i could get back into the car, she beat me there and jumped into the back seat and laid down on the back seat.
I took her out of the car, carried her back to the porch, but again she beat me into the car. I finally took her out and started to hand her to her owners. But, the nieces Husband told me to take her home. I told him I couldn`t take his dog home. He told me that she had never followed either of them like she was following me and that I had to take her home as she had chosen me.
Then the niece told me that there was a small dog in the mall that she wanted to buy, but since she already had two dogs, they didn`t need a third one. But if i took this puppy home then she could get the other one.
So, that`s how I came to be her owner. She was real easy to train, and still obeys well. My only problem is that she barks whenever a cat or squirrel comes near our property. We have a leash law, and the cats ( some are wild ones) and squirrels have figured just how close they can get and still be out of her reach.
Oh, her name is Sassy- they named her that and I just left it.
One day my youngest son came home on a Motorcycle with a friend. Sassy didn`t recognize him with the helmet with the face guard, his friends leather jacket and wearing sneakers instead of the work boots. Sassy let his friend enter, but growled at Ron and wouldn`t allow him thru the door. I told him to remove the helmet so she could see who it was, and she immediately started waving her tail and jumping on him for attention. So she is a great watchdog. I feel safe here alone as long as I have her.
Beside Sassy is my large toolbox that I made the flowered table cover for. It is one of those toolboxes with wheels and the long handle that pushed in when not needed. Didn`t wish to leave it out in the woodshop during the winter and needed a way to hide it in the house. it is like those tableclothes with the floor length and a ruffles edge around the top. Not a very good pivcture of it though. Tjhe yellow is one of those icecream cones with a squeeker in it that a great grandson gave Sassy last Christmas. She is curled up on her dog bed.

your dog sounds like a great one dot. they were right about sassy choosing you. we always think that we pick the dog we want but actually they pick us. they seem to sense who will be good for them and who will not. if you had five people in a family with one dog and you had every one walk straight ahead with the dog near them and then had the people split off in different directions whomever the dog follows will be the one that the dog feels is his master.
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