Sunday, November 06, 2005


Doll Collection- Page 3

These two boys are our twins. One has light brown hair and brown eyes and looks like my Dad, while the other one has blond hair, blue eyes and looks like their Dad. So, they aren`t identical twins. Doll in the middle represents our oldest daughter. One twin was easy going and always smiling while his brother was more outgoing and more serious. They are still that way today, but they both have great a sense of humor.
So ,the 6 pictures in the 2 wall boxes represent our 6 children when they were small.
Next is a picture of myself with a cousin and the Doll that looked like me. i just noticed that it placed the second picture on the top right of the kids picture.
There are a few more, but these are most of them Have a total of about 19 Dolls. Don`t expect to buy any more, but never say never as who knows what the future will bring.
They are all supposed to be limited additions and not be resold in the future. Have the papers for each one.
Jac, you asked to see my dolls, well here they are to fullfill your request.

And I am the first to see it too Dot. Thank you so much for sharing it.
very nice collection dot. hope you send more pictures for us to see.
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