Sunday, November 06, 2005


Doll Collection-Page 2

I will send more in other blogs.

Here are three of the Dolls that look like 3 of my children did when they were young. The picture of the little boy is one of my youingezt son when he was small. Then look at the Doll holding the toilet paper and you will see they look alike.
The other two resemble what two of my Daughters looked like when they were younger.
I will send more in other blogs.

Amazed at the way you keep it like new.
Don't you have memories when you see all those ?
Yes Jac, i sure do. If you look closely at the picture on the other page with the oldest standing between the twins, you can almost see the gentleness in the large dolls eyes. The oldest was such a gentle spirit that all you had to do is very softly say "No Linda" and tears would well up in her eyes. I never ever raised my voice when telling her not to touch something , or not to do something as even the soft speaking voice would reach her. She was one you could take anyplace and she would never touch anything. She was so well behaved all her life. I just never had to disiplin her, a simple no and she would stop and I never had to repeat it.
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