Thursday, November 03, 2005


Blog Down time-noon Pacific time

Just read the Blogger News- Down time notice. Since it will be down in the Pacific time zone from noon Sat. and last for about 2 hours while they do some upgrading, that means I will be unable to enter my blog at 3pm Sat afternoon till around 5 pm as I live in the Eastern time zone. So my friends blogs will be down at different times depending on which time zone they live in.
Just think about what that is saying to us.

If you live in the Pacific zone it will be down at noon to around 2pm,

but if you live in the
Mountain time zone, it will be down from 1pm till 3 Pm.

Then if you live in the
Central zone, it will be down from 2PM till around 4Pm

In the Eastern zone it will be down from 3PM till around 5 Pm,

In the Atlantic time zone it will be down from 4Pm till around 6 PM.

Think about what that might mean for us bloggers and our friends that live in many of these different time zones.

Starting from noon on up to about 6 pm we might not be able to enter someones blog. So if we find we cannot get into our own blog then we know why- it simply means that is the downtime for our own zone,

but if we can enter ours and some others, but not someone elses, they might just live in the time zone during their zones down time.

Did I confuse everyone, or have you already been thinking about this time zone and how it affects who and when we might be unable to enter a friends blog.
Hope their upgrading doesn`t affect our blogs, I know the last Down time one didn`t.
Also are you wondering what their upgrading might give us to allow us to do more in our blog? Well, we will know on Sat. after they are done with the upgrading. Mine should not be in service from 3pm till around 5pm, so if you can1t reach me during those hours, don`t worry , as I`ll be back when they are done and hopefully so will you.
Just wanted to bring up the topic in case someone didn`t read their notice.

In fact, I was not aware of the shut downs, thanks for that information.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I am very happy to know that you liked some of the stuff I write. Aside from a joke about being a cannibal, it is all true...I dont make up stories.
You are the first one, above the age of 65, to visit by blog. I am honoured.
I will be back to go through your archives.
No you did not confuse me because having a gurlsfriend who lives 18 hours ahead I and used to adjusting to the time zones.
So I guess I better post earlier Hmmmmm
Have a nice weekend Dot
hello dot. they are always having problems with blogger for one reason or another. if you go visit my blog you will see what i have done today. i just finished my post after midnight though. well have a good weekend.
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