Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Been another busy day. Woke up at 4:30 and couldnt get back to sleep.So I decided to get up and start mopping my kitchen floor. It takes me all day to do this one floor. I move everything to one side of the room ,( plus carry the chairs and some other items in to the middle room out of the way) while I mop the other 2/3rds of the floor. Then I wax that side, let it dry and put on a second coat of wax. This makes it possible to just damp mop for longer than doing just one wax coat would.
By the time I got this much done I needed to sit and rest for awhile before moving everything a second time to clear everything off the other side of the room.
I had only sat to rest for about 10 min. when my youngest sister called to see if I wanted to go out for Lunch with her. So, off we went. After Lunch we headed off to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. I had been wanting to get some clear totes to hold my yarn in. Had some, but they were a bit too large to sit inside the cupboard I made. Had to sit the larger one in sideways and that took up too much room. With the shorter ones I can fit 4 of them in just a little more room than one larger one needed. The 4 shorter ones will hold a lot more in the same amt. of space. So, once I finish the kitchen floor, that might be my next chore-- packing all the yarn into the shorter totes and putting them out of sight. But after all that walking around that large store, I needed to rest again. Guess I must be gettingold. :). iSeems like no matter how much work you accomplish there is always more waiting to be done.
I used to think that houses stayed cleaner when someone lived there alone, but I seem to work as hard today as I used to, except of course while our kids were growing up. Then it seemed like no matter how many loads of washing you did, there was always more waiting the next day. And all that ironing, seemed like I often Ironed way into the night to keep up with all those school clothes. So much easier today with so much permanent press around. The young mothers seem to think they have to work so hard caring for their kids. What would they do if they had to do like we did in the early marriage years. We rented on a farm and every winter the water used to freeze up where it went under the road. Then you had to wait till spring for the ground to unfreeze to thaw it out.
I would borrow my Mothers old wash tub and her old boiler. I would fill that long boiler with snow, sit it up onto the stove where it covered two burners, then melt the snow for water to wash the clothes. Had my Mothers old scrub board which I used a lot trying to keep stains off the clothes. That scrub board in the old round wash tub. And if that wasn`t bad enough, I only started out with 3 dozen diapers for two babies ( our twin boys). That meant I was always washing out diapers and trying to fast dry them on one of those old wooden floor racks with all those rungs to lay the clothes over, this rack, I would sit in front of the space heater we were using for heat. Never had to worry about croup then as there was always plenty of moisture in the air from the drying. When the boys were about 2 or 3 months old I finally managed to buy 2 more dozen and with 5 dozen diapers things were a little easier. Today, most of the younger ones buy pampers,so they don`t know all the work of washing Diapers. We never could have afforded the expense of pampers even if they had had them years ago.
The small apt, we rented when we first got married and only had his daughter had a wood stove. Ever try to bake a cake in a stove that used wood? Took me a while, but I finally figured it out-- of course that was after burninf the bottom on the first cake, so let the wood die down the second time and the cake fell.Oh! What a time that was. Those wonderful olden days. Must admit though that even with all that extra work, marriages did usually last, can`t say that for so many of them today. Maybe we just were to busy to have any time for complaining back then.
Well, it is already getting dark inside, so will hneed to put on a ligjht to finish.
I also need to get to the compost bins before it gets real dark out. Maybe i better dart out there and finish this afterwards.
Back again. Took things to the compost bins and covered them with more leaves.
Yesterday I raked up loads of leaves from under the Eucalyptus tree and took them out to build up a tall wall of leaves around the HollyHocks that are growing at the end of the compost bins. I read on the net that it isn`t the cold winters that kills them, but the cold winds. They made it thru last winter with banking around them, so hoping it works again this year. Still a lot more leaf raking waiting to get done. The winds are fast knocking the leafs off now. Last year we had snow covering the ground before the leafs were off the trees, so that meant losts of raking in the spring after the snow melted. I was afraid it was going to happen again this year, but looks like I just might have time to clean them up this year.
Here it is supper time and I`m still too full from our Lunch and we were only to eat half of what they piled on our plates. Think of all the food that gets wasted when the plates hold more than some people might eat.
Well, guess I`ll go on line and check out the e-mails that came in today. If I don`t feel rested enough to finish the floor tonight, the floor isn`t going anyplace , so could finish it in the morning.

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