Sunday, November 13, 2005


Another Roof Day!!!

Roof day!!
Two of my sons worked all day building the frame for the new roof for the house addition that is my Kitchen area. They covered the framework with plywood, face metal , fire and ice rolled sheeting, and arkictec shingles . So, my winter roof leaks are now over.
I still remember the day we added on the addition. I was in the middle of a cub scout meeting which could get hectic without any outside commotion to disturb us. You see I had Cubs in all ages and back then there were more books to need. There was the 8 yr olds in the Wolf Book, the 9 yr olds in the bear Book, the 10 yr olds in the Lion Book, then the 10 1/2 yrs old in the Weblow book. All that has been changed today. But, try handling Boys of all ages working in 4 different Books all at the same time with out any helper. But thats another story. Then you will know why I said it was hectic.
When the Den Chief showed up with his Father they both ended up helping Walt. Walt had removed the front section off our grocery store after we closed it and intended on adding it onto the house in sections. With the help of the Den Chief and his Father, Walt was able to get the three sides of the old building connected to the house. Later on we added an inclosed porch to the end of the new kitchen area. Then years later we decided to add the porch to the kitchen to enlarge it- making a better kitchen. When I look at the smaller room that formerly was my kitchen and dining area, I wonder how we ever fit all those kids at a table in there, but we did.
To get back to the roof, by adding first the addition from the store, then later adding on the porch, there were two roofs, the porch one connecting to the other roof. Now, the roof is just one roof going over both sections with no additional roof conneting. Looks much better and will function much better. Took them about 5 hours to get it all done. I am so glad that one of my sons has been a roofer for many years and his brother has learned a lot by helping him constructing the framework and everything else. The roofer is 42 yrs old , while his helper bro is 50 yrs old, but they work well together. The older one doesn`t mind learning from his younger bro. I realy have good kids. When they re-drove my well, all three sons worked together without a single disagreement. Walt and I must have done something right for them to work so well together. None of them will allow me to pay them anything for all their hard work. I just buy the supplies and get the labor free. I am even luckier that the friend my son works with always drops off any tools needed for the job, like the compresser, air guns, long hose, and etc.. His Boss has been a close friend of my youngest son all thru school and they have worked together for years. Often when the friend has two jobs going at the same time, he puts my son in charge of the crew for one of the jobs while he handles the crew for the other job. Thats how well they get along. I am one lucky Mother.

hello dot. well i am glad that you got your roof done. i bet that is a load off your mind. dorothy and i went to the thrift store this morning. she managed to find some stuff she liked. it is a mad house on mondays because it is half price day.
Mr haney, it sure is a releif off my mind. It has poured all night and here it is almost 10:30 in the morning and still pouring hard. Oh, how sweet is the quiet from hearing Drip,Drip Drip. It got so I felt like the roof was calling me a drip for not giving up on patching and having a completely new roof put over it. I am so lucky to have a son who has been a roofer and carpenter for years. I am now getting the benefits of the training with tools that I taught my sons along with half the neighborhood boys during my 15 years of Scouting. Twelve of those years I was not only the den Mother, but also the Weblow Leader and also the Cub Scout leader. It is like pulling nails to get adults to help out. We have not had a local Scout or Cub Scout Group in our area since my Husband and I retired from Scouting. I talked my Husband to start the Scout Troop back up so my Cubs would have a troop to advance into after they became too old for Cubs. I was also one of the Round Table members that taught other Leaders, plus I worked 4 summers at Scout camp. I loved every minute of the 15 years. I started as a girl Scout working up to a Senior Girl Scout and I guess thats what gave me my great interest in Scouting, plus we needed Cub Scouting for my own kids to join.
it`s nice that you drive Dorothy to the thrift Stores. Glad she found some items that interested her. Sounds like fun. Tell Dorothy that if I lived closer I might be asking her if I could go along with her.
Thanks for dropping into my blog. Now, I should have said thanks for dropping by my blog, wouldn`t want to see you falling into my blog. HaaHaa. Thought we could use a Laugh. Life can get way to serious too often as we get older and we need the laughter break now and then.
well i am glad that you are happy with that roof of yours.i had one that leaked for a long time when it rained hard and i finally tore off all the shingles and redid it. it happened so often that i would dream about it at night.
Your boys sound like the perfect crew. You and Walt raised them well.
It's not often siblings get along so well.
% hours to redo a roof is great and fast.
It looks like your going to have a dry winter.
We all had small homes back when and everyone used to fit in just right, makes you wonder what happened when we made our hones bigger for less people and you here them complain that there is no room.
Hi Walker. My kids used to have their days while growing up, but seems like every since they lost their Dad they have cared more about how they treat each other. Did have one of the twins and one of the daughters that didn`t speak for almost a year, but about a month ago they finally started talking. That sure was a relief for me. They are too much alike in most ways. Heard last week that the step son I raised was asking how Mom was doing and suggested they should get together and start planning for Mom as she is getting older. The youngest son he said it to said he flipped and told him that mom wiped my but when I was little and if she ever needs me i would do the same for her, she will never be put into any home. So, don`t think the step-son will bring it up to him again. Of course the younger son didn`t tell me about it, he just was so irritated that he told one of his sisters and she told me. She also told her older sister that if Mom ever got so she needed someone to care for her she would build another room onto her house just for me. Of course it was the older daughter who told me this.
So you see, i do have some great kids. I raised 6 of ours, plus two of his from his first marriage. Don`t hear from the step- daughter, she never even showed up for her father`s funeral, so thats when I gave up on her. But I am very close with her 2 kids and her grandchildren which she has never even seen. She also dumped both her kids years ago even before she dumped everyone else. One real mixed up adult.
Well, thanks for dropping by and have a nice evening.
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