Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Wed. Oct 19th-not much

Here it is already 3 pm and I wasted most of the day. Just finished putting the first coat of varnish on the front side of the boards and the 2nd coat on the trim, so the trim will be finished once it gets dry enough to sand it lightly.
Thought it was going to rain today, but since the sun is still shining, decided it would be ok to get a little more of the varnishing done. Need one more dry day to be able to finish it. Then comes the fun of putting the boards together.
One of the twins stopped to visit with me this morning and he stayed long enough to have lunch with me. Then off to work at the School.
Yesterday I sprayed the double garage doors hoping to save the painting thru another winter. Three years ago I painted a farm scene mural that covers both Garage doors ( 8'x8' in all).
Did it with one of those 1/4 inch brushes that came in a kids paint by no. kits. Took me three weeks to finish it. Every year I spray on a protective coating just as cold weather starts with the hopes it protects the painting for another year. Have you ever used a tiny 1/4 " brush to paint something that large? I never had before. But after I lost Walt I needed something to keep my mind busy. This picture has many small things on it that required the tiny brush. Once I started I just kept going with that small brush. Only had 4 colors of paint hanging around, so with those 4 colors I was able to mix them to make many different colors and shades. That was also something I had never done before. Had mixed a few, but never for this many colors. At the time I didn`t know how long it would be before I received my next check, so didn`t dare waste any money buying new paint.
Wow, Guess a cloud must have covered the sun as it suddenly got dark in here. Middle of the afternoon and need a light on already. More proof that winter is on it`s way.
I have a welcome sign on my side porch with a horse hanging from it that I received from a neighbor last Christmas. The welcome sign was done with unfinished wood, so I decided to protect it with the same spray I used on the garage. Also sprayed over the hanging horse, plus sprayed the huge horses head that is on a backboard on the porch post. It is black painted wrought iron and I don`t want it to ever rust. Received it from a Brother-in-law who died a year ago from a fall off a ladder. Shown in picture above. With the old ring on it like you tied horses up to in the old days. just one of many items in my Horse collection.
Oh No, it just started raining. Hope the shop doesn`t collect moisture enough to disturb the varnished boards. It`s closed up, but has no heat in it. Doesn`t look like it will rain for long-- looks like a sun shower and the sun is shining enough to turn the light back off. What crazy weather we do have.
One thing I never learned to do is one thing at a time. Seems like I always have too many things to keep up with. I am watching, or should say listening to the Soaps on TV ( taped while was out in the shop) while posting here, often eat while on the net. Thats one thing I would never have thought to do when Walt was here to eat with me. I had intended to rest a bit and then go out and dump out more of the earth Boxes where the string beans were growing. But will have to wait till a day with no rain as it takes me a while to dump the dirt into the wheelbarrow. I spread the dirt into the flower beds to make them grow better. Also have used it over the past few years to level any low spots in my yard.
Have you ever used your shovel to raise up a spot of grass high enough to throw more dirt under the grass so the ground will be more level without losing any of the nice growing lawn? Then just lightly press the top grass and dirt layer back overtop of the new added dirt. A great way to get rid of a dip in the ground , smooth it level and not need to reseed it. Also if you have a barer spot somewhere in your lawn, you can dig up grass ( keeping the soil intack) from another place and plant that grass into the bare spot. Any time I dig the grass back from my flower beds, I usually find a spot to replant the grass. Today I have one of the nicest growing lawns on our street, but took me years to get it this way. As you probably guessed, I just got tired of looking at that dull black for so long.

Stopped raining already, so just a sun shower like I thought.
Well, guess i`ll go check on the e-mails that I heard come in a while ago.
Hope everyone is having a great day!!
Gee, I first started this post over an hour ago and left it in Draft. Decided to post it before checking the e-mail.

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