Sunday, October 09, 2005


Sunday oct.9th.

Here it is another dismal looking day. At least the rain has stopped for a little while, but looks like it may start again. Where is that sun? I know it`s up there someplace or it would be dark as night time still.
Still have pepper plants that are loaded with small and medium size peppers and hoping the plants live till the peppers are bigger.
Wonder what today will bring? Do you ever get up in the morning with that question on your mind?
Still putting the drops in my dogs ears, but now am getting smarter. Yesterday, every time she saw the tube in my hand she headed off the porch and into her dog coop to hide. So, I carried out her food dish along with the tube. Every time she ran off the porch, I brought both the food dish and the drops back into the house. After doing this for a couple hours she finally realized she wasn`t eating till after she let me put the drops into her ears.
Well, this morning started like yesterday morning, with one exception-- I only carried it out twice before she stayed and let me put the drops into both ears. I was afraid I might have this hard time every day till the drops were finished. But, guess she has finally realized who is the Boss, me or her. Tomorrow should be much easier now that she knows I am serious.
Dr put her on a special diet as he said she is alergic to something and it might be the protein in her food. So, now she eats a diet of lamb and rice dog food-- the one for idle dogs so she won`t keep gaining weight. She is 9 years old and weighs 56 pounds. The most un-idle part 0f her is her mouth. She barks at every strange -both wild and neighbors cat or squirrel that comes near our property, plus whenever a stranger goes down our road. A good watchdog. She is a Border Collie. think I might have mentioned that before in other posts. She has a red rash on her skin and since she was treated for alergies back in Jan., vet figures it isn`t a seasonal allergy and might be her food. Could be the lean I started buying last winter when tjhe vet said she was getting way too heavy.
As I said, she is a good watch dog. One time the youngest son showed up riding on the back of a friends motorcycle and when he came to the door Sassy ( my dog) wouldn`t let him come into my home. He had on the helmet, black jacket and sneakers and she didn`t recognize him- being his friends helmet and coat I suppose she smelled the owners odor instead of my sons. Son used to wear work boots back then also. What realy got me was that his friend was a stranger and as soon as I opened the door, she allowed this stranger to enter, but not my son. But I would still trust my life to her protection. May she live as long as I do. She`s my only companion living here with me since I lost my Husband after over 50 years. She has become my reason for getting up in the morning as I know I need to get up to feed her early.
Won`t be long before she will start wanting to come in the house at nights. So far, she prefers the cool air outside. She sheds year around. Every time she walks thru the house, out comes either the broom or the vaccuum cleaner to pick up the hair she sheds. Met another woman who owns a border Collie at the Suttens Animal Food place and she says she is constantly sweeping the same way. Thats the first person i have meet with a border Collie, so was relieved to know other such dogs shed all year long. Oh Well, Sassy is worth keeping even with the extra work she causes.
Just noticed that I lost a day as listed yesterdays post with the wrong Oct date. Thats ok. Better days are comming, I just don`t know when?

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