Sunday, October 02, 2005


Summer 2005

My Texas Cactus
This is my cactus with the last two blossoms still open. This year it had a total of 6 beautiful blossoms before it stopped blossoming. Doing better every year. It was sent to me thru the mail about 4 or 5 years ago from a woman and her Daughter who live in Texas. It was so small that it was planted in an ordinary coffee cup, which made it look even smaller with all the extra room around it. They covered it with cotton to protect it . You should have seen me with a pair of tweezers trying to pick off all that cotton that hung on so tightly to that real picky cactus. Walt laughed watching me. Guess I probably did look funny doing it. Took quite a while.

When I was small, I used to say I wanted to live in Texas and have a large Horse Ranch. On the cup were the words Austin, Texas . On each side is a group of running Horses. That was to represent my Horse Ranch in Texas.
It also contained some Texas grass growing in the cup by the time it got here. Every year the grass dies for the winter and regrows again every spring. You can see the grass in the picture. Kept the grass because it grows different than the grass we grow here in NY. Our grass is all single blades with underground runners, while this grass has many blades going off in all directions from each single piece of grass. Our grass grows underground and sprouts up again anywhere near by. So, when I pull a blade of grass, it just keeps pulling up other connected blades of grass. Funny how something as simple as grass can be different from one state to another. Wonder what it 1s like in other countries-- How does it grow where you live?

That is a lovely Cactus.
thanks Jac. it was so tiny when i first received it that it looked lost in a regular small coffee cup that it was planted in. You would have laughed to see me using tweezers trying to remove all that cotten that was stuck onto every thorn on the small plant. It was mailed to me and the cotten was to protect the plant from damage during the time it spent in the mail on root from Texas which is at one end of our country while I live on the opposit end of our country. If you have a map that shows the USA then just see where Texas is located and where New York is located and you will see how far that tiny cactus had to travel. That was about 4-to 5 years ago. Today it sure is gettinglarger. Last year I only had three buds, but this year there were 6 flowers, but they only opened 2 at a tims. I just sent a copy of the picture off to a sister-in-law who said hers had never blossomed. Gave it to a brother to take down to her. My brother thought she would enjoy seeing it.
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