Sunday, October 02, 2005


Shop roof

youngest son just left. I had a spot in the shop roof that leaked a speck in the hard downpour last week.never leaked in the storm with the high winds a couple days ago. But, with winter almost here, it pays to be prepared. So son removed the strip that hada wrinkled spot and replaced it with new roll roofing and tarred it well to seal the seams. So, should be ok now. Good time of year to work with tar as no hot sun to keep it running down the roof. Looking at the roof, you`d never know he added more, it looks so smooth and neat. He does do a great job. Nice having a roofer for a son. Boy, where would I be if didn`t have wonderful children to help with the tasks that I can`t( or should say- I shouldn`t ) do. Decided that i`m getting too old to keep climbing up the tall ladder onto the roof. Time to let the kids take over the high climbing.
Wind blew so hard the other day that i decided to climb the tall step ladder and take down the horse fag that a D bought me. Didn`t want the wind to tear it like it did last yr. Was able to sew it ok that time, might not be so lucky next time.
Need to go out and recover the string beans and pepper plants again tonight. So far so good. Wonder how much longer i can keep them growing. Pepper plants are so loaded with more peppers and hoping to see them get bigger.
Today I posted my first picture onto my post-- a Texas cactus plant. Was so pretty when it blossomed. Has blossomed for the past 3 or 4 yrs now.
Son has gone home and again the house is deadly quiet. Might turn on the TV just for some voices, or play a music CD. Only a ball game on that channel, have to try another channel. Found a movie, hope its a good one.
Neighborhood kids have built a sand ramp pile to ride their bikes up over. I remember when my kids used to do that. One of them should have sore hands as I watched him using his hands to dig up dirt to make the ramp. He sure was working hard. Glad it`s just a small mound so they are less apt to get hurt. Bikes are knocking down some of the height so one boy is using his foot to drag the dirt back up on top. Did you build ramps for riding bikes over? I was the only one in my family that never owned a bike. mother always said that my older sis had a good bike out ther- so go ask her if you can ride it. Sometimes she said yes, other times she said no.
Worked the same way when buying high school yearbooks. Have 3 out of the 4 yearbooks. My first year my bro was a sr and mother said there was no need for having two yearbooks alike in the same house. I paid for my own with babysitting money, so couldn`t see why she would care if I bought the same book. Afterall didn`t she realize that the day would come when we would live in separate houses. But that bro only got 3 yrs also because my older sis was a sr then. So, she was the only one allowed to buy all four years. She remained mothers pet all our growing up years and she often bragged about being the favorite. Well, she lost her shine in our mothers eyes when our Mother had a hip replacement. She was home for the op, but as soon as Mom came home from the Hosp she left for Florida to spend the winter in their place there. I ended up careing for our Mom, but have to admit would have been easier for me as I had hospital training when I worked there and knew how to change her bandage and help her with her exercises etc. . Older sis even spilled the bedpan all over the floor when she tried dumping it. You would think anyone could do that. I wouldn`t want her careing for me if i needed help. She`d be useless as a nurse. Mother told me that my sis could spend all winter in Florida but not three or four days caring for her.
Did you have favorites in your Family? I did my best not to show any favoritism while raising my kids as i remembered how my younger bro and I felt. Our Dad never showed any favorites.
Guess i better go out and cover the plants before it gets darker.
Hope everyone is having a good day or night depending on where you live.

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