Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Here i go again back to the vets. In Aug, I paid out 153.14 having Sassys ear infection treated. Then I spent the next two weeks giving her a pain pill every morning and putting drops in her ear three times a day. Then it turned into Sept and I paid another 83.83 to get more pills and drops. This time it was a pill every morning and drops twice a day for the next two weeks,
Well she was still scratching her ear and whining, so back to the vets again today- Oct.4th. This time the vet said he believes its an allergy- possibly to her food. She has a rash on her under belly. So, more ear drops and another $55.06 paid. Was told to put her on a different dogfood. Dr suggested hishypoallergic Diet. Asked him how expensive since he wanted her on it for at least 7 weeks. he never gave me a price-- just said its expensive. Then he asked if price was a problem. Told him that Social Security only goes soo far. Then he said I could got to Suttens ( place that sells all kinds of animal foods and supplies) and to buy the Lamb and rice food as it probably was any food with protein that caused the allergy. Another $37.44 for a 40 lb bag. Now I have spent a total of $329.47 since the ear infection problem started. I was told the bag should last about a month. Well I will soon find out. Now I am told it might have all been due to an allergy. I am to keep her on the special food for 7 weeks to see if the rash dissappears or not.
They need an Ins. for dogs meds like the Epic for Seniors. I don`t pay that much for my own meds ( thanks to Epic).
What realy got me was that at home Sassy wouldn`t allow me to touch her ear without whineing. I had to straddle her and hold her head tightly between my knees to look at her ear. Thats also what I go thru to put the drops into her ear. But when she was on the table at the vets she let the Dr check her ear with not a sound. So I reached over and opened her ear a bit to look in it and not a noise out of her. I had told my son last weeekend that she wouldn`t let me touch or look at her ear without a struggle , but from what I could see the ear looked ok. But since she was carrying on so, thought I better take her back and have it checked. I also told my son that sometimes I wonder if she isn`t carrying on because she felt better with the pain pills and wanted them back. He didn`t think so then, but now he isn`t so sure. She a smart Border Collie.
Vet did say that the ear looked a bit scratchy , so it`s a diff drops to put in it this time. But with all her scratching it, it should be looking scratchy.
One of my twins with the help of his adopted son ( my grandson) made the three trips with me. I`d have quite a time if tried to take her alone. Well, even on the lower doogfood she gained 1 more pound and now she weighs 56 pounds. One heavy baby, and as strong as an ox.

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