Saturday, October 22, 2005


Rain again, Seems like all it does it rain

Weatherman said rain before noon and clearing afterwards. Boy was he ever wrong. Since it hadn`t rained this morning, at 1pm I felt it was safe to go work in the shop. Finished the second coat of varnish on all the boards. Then came back inside and around 3pm it started to rain. Didn`t last for very long, but enough so I couldn`t do any more work outside today.
Supposed to rain for the rest of the week. Hope we get a few dry hours so I can go to the store for potting soil to take care of the flower plants before they die from the cold. No room to bring them all in till repotting them.
Went down below freezing last two nights and Sassy is still refusing to come inside at night. She`s getting much to heavy for me to drag her inside anymore. Well, could if had too, but she is so strong and she braces her feet when she doesn`t want to move. Have showed her in the past that i will win if I want to. But that doesn`t stop her from bracing her feet. She is usually a very smart dog, so I`m sure she will come in when she feels it is necessary. At least I am hoping so. I feel a little scarred in the mornings till I find out she is ok. I sure would feel lost without her. I know staying out will give her a thicker fur for warmth this winter. I never saw a dog that shed all year before. But I met a lady at the farm produce place who told me she also has a Border Collie and hers sheds years around also. So, guess it`s common for that breed of dog. I usually leave her inside during the winter, unless she asks to go outside. She is real good when I have to leave for a few hours. She is so well behaved that I can leave meat on the counter and she won`t touch it. We once had a puppy that chewed up socks and slippers and it took me a while to train it. But, Sassy was so easy to train.
I still remember the day I got her. She used to belong to my husbands Niece and her husband. We visited them at their trailer one day- 14 years ago. They lived at least 30 miles from us. Well, they had a large Angora cat and this 3 month old puppy was forever trying to chew on it`s ears. When the owners did nothing, I took one fingerand lightly tapped the puppy on the nose saying "No, stop that". After a few times the puppy obeyed me, that surprised the owners. Then when they were showing me around their trailer, this tiny puppy followed me everywhere. Later when we were leaving, the puppy followed us to the car. I picked up the puppy and placed it onto the porch out of the driveway and we got in the car. Just as I was starting to close the door, here she came and sneaked behind my seat and up onto the back seat. I got out, reached in and took the puppy out and carried her back to the porch. Again she beat me into the car. The Nieces husband told me to take her home she was now my pup. I told him I couldn`t take their dog. He said she chose you, so your her owner now.Our
Niece agreed saying she never followed them around that way. They insisted and thats how Sassy came to live with us. Oh, I never named her, I just kept the name "Sassy" that they had already given her. I never knew she would get quite so large. She now weighs 51 pounds. She is on the Lean food with hopes she loses some, or at the most, doesn`t gain any more.
She took me for a flying ride thru the air when we first got her. Three months old, I was taking her outside to hook her up. We have to tie up our dogs where I live. As i walked out the door onto the porch a neighbor went by walking his dog. Thats all i had time to see before Sassy took off on a flying run carrying me off the porch, thru the air and i landed between our two cars in our driveway. I had to dig both hands into the ground to hold her.
I never gave her a chance after that as i was always ready fior her.
Then when she was 6 months old someone opened the back door and out she scooted and calling her did no good. Youngest son and another nephew took off after her. There is a waterhole across the road from the end of our road. State made it when digging dirt to build up the northway. They hit underground springs which made a good sized pond. Big enough that it got named by the town. It`s much smaller today as the new owners of that property started filling it in.
Well, to get back to the dog, a while later the nephew came back on a run and asked me for something to tie onto sassy to bring her home. He said" Aunt Dot, hurry, Ronnie took a fast dive into the air and caught her but he`s having a hard time hanging on to her" She only got loose once since that time and she kept running almost to me and then darting away from me. This went on for about 10 minutes before i gave up and sat on the porch holding the bone i was using to get her to come. After a few minutes she realized i wasn`t playing her game and she came to me for the bone. Today i use a heavy chain to hold her as she was breaking the regular dog chains by the time she was about 5 months old. She is one heck of a good watchdog. One time my youngest son came home on a friends cycle- wearing his friends leather jacket and sneakers instead of the normal work shoes, plus the helmet. Sassy didn`t recognize him and wouldn`t allow him to come onto the porch. I yelled out telling him to remove the helmet and all was ok. I still pick on him about that.
Well, now you know about my only pet, my companion Sassy who keeps me from staying in bed all day. LOL. Had other dogs before her that i loved. Wasn`t going to have another one to lose, but here she is.

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