Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of those days- Oct. 11,05

Another rainy day. but did stop early. First I was going to feed the dog, but am still adding drops into her ears. Found only one way to do the drops, either hold her head tight between my knees so she can`t move while I do it, but getting tired of fighting her that hard. So a couple days ago I decided not to feed her till she let me do the drops. As soon as she saw the food dish, she headed onto the porch till she saw the drop tube, and off she went back into her coop. So, into the house I went, food, drops and all. It was 1 pm before she gave in. After three days of this, you`d think she`d get it thru her head , she wasn`t eating till the drops were in. After the ear infection, now Vet says she has an allergy-- so more drops to stop her itching her ears and buy a special god food with lamb and rice. What will she have next.
Yesterday I noticed that the minutes on my cell phone will be running out next Tuesday. Since I am attending a Wedding rehersal party on Friday and a Wedding on Saturday, figured I better go today while the rain has stopped. Says heavy rain for tomorrow and Thurs, Friday and Sat. So, today was the best day to head off to Cumberland farm for more minutes. Sassy, my dog watched me drive off , so maybe thats why she let me put in the drops when I got back home. Might have feared I`d leave again and she wouldn`t get her food.
Got home, , couldn`t stand looking at that streaky rained on window, so headed out with the long handled window washer and the cleaner. Cleaned the window, decided to use the hose to rinse it off better. Dropped the hose, water hit side of house and sprayed back at me. In the 50`s today, so a bit too chilly to get wet outside. Well, finally got the window finished.
Then wanted to check the pepper plants under the plastic cover I had put like a tarp over it. I use the earth boxes, so it doesn`t need extra water and thats why I placed the plastic over top of the plants. You probably might already know what happened next. Yes, I tipped the plstic to run off water from top of plastic and some ran backwards towards my legs and feet, as if I wasn`t already wet enough.
Then started to print off some e-mails with patterns etc. on them. Thats when my comp told me the black ink was getting low.Well, I started printing and hoped the ink lasted till I got done. printed off over 10 pages and it`s still printing. Wonder how much more I can print without adding the new ink? Well, then I got out the punch to punch the 3 notebook holes into the papers for the notebook.That old punch decided to fll apart and I was only about 2/3 rds done. Still fighting it to put the top section back on. Figured I needed to get away from it for a while-- it was starting to irritate me.
Wish the youngest son would show up as he fixed it once in the past.
Well, it`s almost 6:30 and I haven`t even decided what to fix for my supper. Seems like since I`ve been alone, I eat at any old time.
Guess i go see what looks good. Still have a piece of apple pie in the frig that my D gave me to bring home after eating supper at her house. She had a birthday supper for her son who turned 24 yesterday. So, got to see his 2 sons- my great grand sons. Well, stomach says feed me, so i`m off.

hello dot. how are you doing today? seems like you have had some problems today. do not feel like you are alone on that.
i started to work on my floor this morning and while i was tring to get a board up it snapped back and pinched my finger on my left hand. so now the nail is all blue and i have a blood blister. i would have rathered it done that at the end of the day. my wife and i stopped working around here about 2 p.m. and i went and bought us some tacos at taco bell. they sure were good.
well it is not raining here but it looks like it.
well have a good one and i will talk to you again soon.
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