Saturday, October 22, 2005


Oh, No!!

Just received this report :
Issued at: 10:14 PM EDT 10/22/05, expires at: 6:00 AM EDT 10/23/05 Snow advisory in effect until 10 am edt Sunday above 2000 feet. The NWS in albany has issued a snow advisory for elevations above 2000 feet, which is in effect until 10 am edt Sunday. Storm total accumulations of 4 to 8 inches are likely in the advisory area. Law enforcement personnel reported 4 inches of snow on route 28 in warren county where it crosses into hamilton county. An observer also reported 3 inches at bakers mills in warren county. A snow advisory means that periods of snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving.
Winter isn`t supposed to be here until Dec. 21st.
Last year we had snow before the leaves fell so we couldn`t rake them up till spring came. Hope this doesn`t happen again this year. One son lives a few miles from RT 28 and he drives about 40 miles each way going back and forth to work every day. Hope he doesn`t also have snow tonight or to drive in tomorrow.
I am in no rush to see the snow starting to fall.

They are saying snow here to but haven't seen any yet.

:D is a big happy face. look at it sideways :)
Walker, we didn`t get the snow either, but they did up noprth of us.
I see what you meant when looked at it sideways. Eyes and a huge smile. good one.
excuse that p in the middle of north I used to hit that darn p when writing my name so Dot often became Dopt. Seems like my crooked arthritic fingers like hitting two keys more often than I would like. To bad it can`t hit the right two keys for a change.
Walker, would you consider your name on my site being done in blue? Well thats what I had down, but there blue sure is mighty light and looks almost like a lite grey. Might try to change it later.
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