Saturday, October 08, 2005


Oct.9th / What Happening

What a day. Rained since last night and no stopping in sight.
Such a chilly rainy day, not the kind I`m very fond of. Seems like I know every joint still has feelings. Oh!Well! at least I know I haven`t lost any of them. They are still around and having a time telling me off. Mother nature sure never seems to favor people with arthritis, does she. And the weather man says it will continue to rain all next week.
And to make matters even worse, I have a leak in my kitchen roof again. My sons just finished the roof on the rest of the house. When we closed up the grocery store we removed the front section and added it to the house.All was well for many years. We added it back around 1972 and all went well till a few years ago. At that time we replaced the shingles. Then last year my youngest son added tin going under the house sheeting boards and under the tiles to stop a leak where the roof connects to the rest of the house. That cured that leak. Last winter another son added some tar where a nail hole seemed to be leaking. Well, now it`s found another place to torture me with. I was hoping to get thru this winter before any more problems . Then next summer I intended to have the roof removed and a new roof put on that would connect higher with the origional house roof. I figure thats the best way to solve the problems. Walt used to tell me to just remove the kitchen addition and there would be no more leaks to worry about. HaaHaa. Can`t do that, and of course Walt never realy wanted it removed. Have to call my youngest son who does roofing, but know he can`t repair it till it stops raining and if the weather man is right, that won`t be before next weekend.
I can remember the day we added the kitchen. We had a smaller kitchen back then. First we started a bike Shop and did the repairs in the cellar. Then we built the large double garage size building for the bike shop. After about 5 years, Hubby decided he wanted a grocery store, so we changed the bike shop into a Grocery store only we needed more room, so we added an addition to the front of the Shop. This lasted about 7 or 8 years and it became hard for me to raise kids and run the store. People started knocking on my back door as early as 6:30. Seemed they got here no more than Walt left for His Job at the Mill. Ever try to wait on people in a store and still be in the House getting kids ready for school? Some days it seemed like I should be three people, especially after the baby arrived. When the little one got big enough to stand in his crib. he scared the life out of me. He was asleep when I rushed out to wait on a customer who came before 9 am when the store was supposed to open. When I hurried back inside Ronnie was leaning over the crib bars and I ran and caught him just as he started to fall. Thats when I said enough.
So, Walt closed the store and since the family was getting bigger we decided we could use a larger kitchen. I was still running the Cub Scout Pack at the time I did that for 15 years and ran it alone for most of those years. But, thats another story, so back to the house. I was in the middle of a meeting with 14 kids in 4 different books-- Wolf, Bear. Lion and Webelows when Walt started tearing off the walls from the Store addition. Then he removed the end wall of the house where he intended to add the addition. So, When my Den Chief showed up for the meeting, his Father ended up staying and the three of them started nailing on the addition to the house. Didn`t accomplish much that meeting with all the pounding going on.
Then we built a porch off the new kitchen. A few years later we closed in the porch adding 2 windows and a door. A couple years later we wanted still more room in the kitchen so we added the closed in porch to the kitchen addition. Thats when the problems started. The new roof over what used to be the porch wasn`t sloped enough so some snow stayed on top every winter. A few years ago it started leaking where the two kitchen sections roofs come together . Now its over further in the roof. Or it could be blowing in where the roof edges overlap on the outside. Hard to tell as it could be leaking anywhere and running along the flat roof under the peaked roof and then coming in. My computer sits on that end of the kitchen, so I am forever having to pull it out away from that area. It never leaks with normal rains, only when the rain continues all day with hard downpours. Guess the taring didn`t cure the problem. Too late in the season to replace the roof this year, but will need to do something to stop the leaks till next summer. It`s such a tiny leak with just a steady droplet falling in that one spot. Sounds like a faucet dripping. Sure hope they are wrong and the rain stops long enough to dry out and repair it without waiting all week.
Need to call my roofer and see what he can do for me. So, since I have Dial up, I need to close and get off the net to call him.
Wish me luck, I just might need it.

Good luck. It's been raining non-stop in Atlanta, too.
Thanks Cameron. I tried to reach my youngest son, but he`s not home. Will have to call him tomorrow. God willing, the leak won`t get any worse than the slow drip it has now.
good luck with the roof dot. we had a terrible time with our roof and when i retired 3 years ago that is the first job i tackled . it was one heck of a job because i had only helped one time putting on shingles and that was 20 years ago. have a good weekend.
Thankyou Mr Haney for the Good Wishes. The rain has stopped for the moment, but it still looks gloomy out, so probably will restart before the roof has time to dry.
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