Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Sun was shining after lunch time, so I went out and did the second coat coat of varnish onto the boards for the Horse case. So, now one side has the two coats and the trim is completely varnished with the second coat.
No more finished and it started pouring out. So, I decided to run for the house. Figured wouldn`t get any wetter , so went to pick up the mail.
Hadn`t eaten lunch before going out to the shop, so fixed some Lunch.
Now at 4:10 rain has stopped and sun is again shining, but there are some ark clouds in the sky. Brobably rain again before it`s done. Will have to wait another day to start the 1st. coat ov varnish on the top side. I usually do 1st coat on both sides before doing the other side, but figured it would go faster this way.
Ever seen those new dishes that have the covers you put into the freezer for a few hours and it keeps the food in the dish cold? Haven`t tried them yet. A brother got two sets and gave a set of 4 to me. I took over one dish and cover to my daughters to let her try it out. If she likes how they work she will want to buy a set.
Spent all summer trying to get the flowers looking good, and now that it is time for freezing any day now, they are all blooming and looking great. Why not while it had all summer to look so great? Cosmos were so loaded with flowers, then we had the winds up to 50 MPH and bent the tall plants over. There lays all those blossoms covering the ground in the flower beds. A bro once started to stand one up, but he didn`t grab the whole plant and he split the plant. So, can`t support it back up now.
I still have the pepper plants covered and protected from frost with hopes the peppers keep growing bigger. Plants are still loaded.
I look around and see housework that I ought to be doing, and still here I sit.
Have you ever let newspapers pile up for days and then read all of them at the same time? Thats what I did this morning. I caught up with 4 days newspapers that were piled on the table waiting to be read. So much advertisements poked into those 4 newspapers that those circulars filled a grocery bag. Think half of what I pay for garbage is for those advertisement circulars . Too bad they don`t give you a choice whether you want those ads delivered to you or not. They poke them all thru the paper so before you can read it, you need to shake out all those ads. Then when they are removed the actually newspaper is very small.
Just noticed that the deadline for adding minutes to my cell phone is tomorrow, so guess i should get off here and call them to add more minutes. Cost me $25 just to get them to change the Georgia code and have my local code put in, so I don`t wish to need to do it again.
So, I`m off to get it done.

My garden is in and gone. Someone stole a 5 gallon bucket full of tomatoes the other night and my father was spitting angry.
I lost all my flowers and plants in the spring when the city dug up the front yard and din't replace anything.
It took 15 years to get it right and thousands of dollars and now I have it to do again at my expense.
Boy, Walker, that stinks. Bet your Dad was hoping they chocked on the tomatoes. I don`t blame him. Had a couple large succhini turn up missing off the plant one year and there were so tomatoes I wouldn`t have noticed if they removed any. Your Dad must have the larger gardens like we used to have. To take a couple tomatoes you wouldn`t get soo upset about, but too loose that large a bucket full is going way too far.
I know what you mean about the city and how they tesr up but never replace. There was a woman who tried to fight Glens Falls , but she lost in court. The City was having sewer trouble and had to tear up the sidewalk in front of her home to replace the pipeing. Then it was up to her to pay someone to replace the sidewalk. If anyone got hurt on the sidewalk in front where it was broken up, they could sue the homeowner even though the City had wrecked it. As she said, it was even worse because she wasn`t the one having trouble, it was the next door neighbor that needed new pipeing going from the road to her home. But the sidewalk was only wrecked in front of her house, not the neighbors. City can wreck, but the home owner has to pay to have the repairs done. She was living on SS and had a hard time trying to afford the repairs.
I don`t think it`s right. If we ruined someones lawn we would be arrested and made to pay to do the repairs, but if the City or Towns do it, it becomes your tough luck.
I stopped using the empty lot next door for a garden after the town started pushing snow off the road onto it which left car oil etc. on the ground in the spring after the snow melted. You could see it in the water puddles. One son asked me what I intended to do with the fence posts out front. I had removed the logs as they were getting bad. He was ready to pull them up for me. I told him I was just going to leave the posts there till I decided what I wanted to put there. Told him, if I remove the posts then the town will push the snow back into my yard as they go by and that would be bad for my lawn that I worked so many years to grow.
Good luck with the yard. When they put in the water lines they wrecked one side of the front yard here and I worked hard getting grass growing back over it.
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