Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Oct.17th- Horse shelfs, bookcase style

I`m back again. Started to say that the blue above the horse shelfs is actually a long picture- like the old days with the Red Blacksmith shop, a white horse and people, large tree in center and a black horse pulling a Surrey with the fringe on top is on the other end. A nice picture that my oldest daughter gave me a few years ago.
I got so excited waiting for the last one to Post that I hit publish a second time to get it started faster and now I have it there twice.
This granddaughter spent her first year living at out home with her Mom, so we are realy close. Her Mom just took her to the Hospital to have her baby girl. So, won`t be long before I become a great grandmother again. This is her first child and I am hoping things go ok. She injured her back earlier this year while working at one of the Handicap homes. I am hoping her back can take the pressure so she doesn`t have that pain added to the labor pains. I`ll be a wreck all night till she has the baby. Her Mom, (my youngest daughter) will call me as soon as she has it. I`m on pins and needles waiting!!!

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