Monday, October 17, 2005


Oct.17th- Horse shelfs, bookcase style

Well, back again. Took off for the wood place for more lumber to build a better shelved open book case to hold some of the horses in my collection. I threw together a fast one from scraps last year and finally got caught up enough with repairs to be able to start the new case. Brought home the wood, did the cutting, sanding and one side has the varnish on it. This time I am using the combination with varnish and polly coating combined. Figure might not have enough good days left to do 2 coats varnish plus the over coat of poly, since can only do one side of the boards at a time plus the hours needed between each coat. . This way it will take only 2 or 3 days if the weather holds, instead of twice as long. It will be about 5 feet long, x 3 feet high, x 1 foot deep. The old one was just half as deep. So new one will hold more Horses when finished. I own a large Horse collection, pictures, clocks, lamps, musicals, horses in leather, glass, coal, candle wax, ceramic, metal and just about anything, plus other Horse items, goblets, mugs, steins, cups, ashtrays, Budweiser horse and wagon, other horses with wagons, Horse puzzles ( one is shaped like a real horse, cutout legs, mane etc., done with over 800 pieces which I glued together and hung on the wall), Horse jewelry, keychains, Book ends, Horse planters, picture frames, switch plates, all size horse statues, blankets, pillows, afghans, 2 wall hanging type afghans, slippers, saddle pocketbook, small rug I use to cover my organ bench and too much more to list it all. Bought some, but most were gifts from Husband, kids, grandkids, and even some from a couple sisters and a brother. Bigest amount was from my youngest sister and her husband. She lost her Husband little over a year ago, but when she gave me my birthday present last month she told me she still has another gift that Steve (her husband) bought but it was a christmas one, so I will still be receiving gifts from her that her husband had picked up. He will never be forgotten with all the items in my Horse Collection that he found to give me. A few years ago, in the worst of winter I suddenly heard some pounding outside. I looked out and what I saw was Steve up on our tall ladder nailing over the double garage doors--a large Black metal horses head on a white board background. Scared me as the ladder was standing on snow and ice. I ran out to hold the ladder till he was done. Then the next year they gave me one of those horse heads with the ring on it that resembles those they used to tie horses to in the olden days. I put it onto a white background with a black border going around the 8 sided board. Then I screwed the backboard onto one of the porch roof support posts. Then they gve me a Turkey cutting board that has a silver horses head on one top end and the silver tail off the other top end. Plus they gave me a horses head that is a workable stapler-7"long x about 4" high x almost 3" wide. All done in white, even the Halter is designed on it.
One of my daughters bought me a clock when she was visiting in Florida. When she went to get on the plane to come home, she set off the machine when she started to go thru. She had forgotten about the clock in her suitcase which was a real saw blade with a horses head in thje center and gold rope design joining all the numbers. One year I received a large ashtray with two horseheads in the center. About three years later the youngest daughter gave me a 5 piece set of deep saucers with the same horses on them. They came from our local place, while the ashtray ws found way out near Lake Ontariio. Funny, how what was bought on the east coast of NY matched what was bought clear across the state on the west side. Like a matching set. Then a sister just gave me the new Saratoga raceway tall stein which was sold this year as a colletores piece.
Have many clydesdale ones. Did you know that they weigh between 2,000 & 2,300 pounds, stand about 6 - 61/2 feet at the shoulder, Cost about &10,000 each and eat 25 quarts of feet and fifty pounds of hay every day.
Well, that is probably a lot more than you are interested in knowing, but I was always a horse lover. Had to stop riding over 15 years ago when I broke off the tailbone . That allows the discs to slip if I don`t watch what I do, but I make out pretty good, just can`t go riding horses or motorcycles anymore.
Enough about my collection, beginning to look like it might rain again tonight. Hop the stain has time to set good before the dampness- should be as it said takes about 6 hours and that will be up at 8pm and it is 5:30 now. Not supposed to rain till during the night. The shop is locked up, but has no heat in it. Hoping for another nice day tomorrow so can varnish the other side of the boards I`ll probably bring it inside to put it togather .

hello dot. you have quite a collection going there. i love horses also. my grandfather owned quite a few and won a lot of ribbons for best of show. he lived in the city but he kept his horses at a friends barn in the country.
well the baseball game is about to start and i am wanting houston to win. maybe they will do it tonight. talk to you later. have a great day.
Hi Mr Haney, My first time riding was when an Uncle would put me upon one of the two horses pulling the hay wagon and I`d ride there while he drove the wagon in, or when he had the plow or thrasher being pulled behind the horses. Bet mother would have gotten scared if she saw me there with noone hanging on to me. Then after marriage my youngest brother had a couple horses plus two ponies. One time he got out both his and his wifes horses and asked me to go riding with him. He told me that her horse never went very fast. Then he took off on a fast run on his horse, and to our surprise her Horse kept right up with his and we reached the end of the road in a flash. He told me he never knew her horse could run like that. They had both horses for about a year at that time. When we were younger we used to rent horses to ride all afternoon. Today my oldest brother has three horses, but due to my spine injury, I can`t ride them. But, I pull a lot of tall grss from outside the fence for them. I give grass to any of the little kids that happen to be there and teach them how to hold it for the horses to eat from their hands. Kids are usually afraid at first when the horse opens its large mouth, but by the time I`m thru, they are pulling grass themselves and feeding it to them. Can`t own horses where i live or i`d probably own a Mineature one for a pet. A friend has one that follows her around the yard just like a dog. Would follow her inside if she didn`t shut the door real fast.
I tried sending you some of the horse pictures about a week ago, did you receive them? One of them had the deer painting in it. Did you see that one?
to tell you the truth dot i do not remember the horse pictures. i would like to though. if you have some pictures of any thing just send them this way.
i have ordered my oak strips from lowes and they should arrive here tomorrow morning. i may just carry them inside and start on the floor thursday. it just depends how i feel. well have a good one and i will talk with you soon. i will send you some pictures of the floor when i get started.
Mr Haney, I resent the pictures . You should have received them by now, at least i hope you did. It was just some of the pictures hanging on the walls in that one room.
Your Grandfather must have had some great horses.
Have a great day.
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