Saturday, October 01, 2005


Oct.- What a month

Just turned the calendar from sept. to oct. and was noticeing what some of the days stand for in other Countries.
Noticed that while on the 10th we will be celebrating Columbus Day (observed, while was officially the 12th) and also on the 10th, Canada will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day . Ever wonder why they preferred giving everyone a long weekend off work instead of leaving a holiday on the date it was first started. Guess they felt too many might use any holiday for drinking and not show up to work the next day-- poor excuse as they still need to show up the next day. I say if it was good enough for our former generations to take of the 12th no matter what day of the week it fell on, why can`t the present generations still honor the correct date? And why a Monday when everyone still has to work the next day. Why not make it on a Friday when many have Sat off-- would still be a long week-end off, but noone has to get up to send their kids to school the next morning. Labor Day here in the USA is always the first monday in Sept. If they can change Columbus day, why not make Labor day on the first Friday. Makes better sense to me. Useing Fridays, if anyone likes to celebrate on a holiday they could sleep late on Sat.. Of course I know some have to work on Holidays and Saturdays.. OH WEll!, Just my mind working overtime again like it does sometimes. We used to use the longer labor Day week-end to go on Vacation with the kids.
Then I noticed that N.Z. will celebrate their Labour Day on the 24th.

other dates listed were:
on the 12th: Rosh Hashanah (first day)
Kol Nidre
On the 13 - Yom Kippur
On the 18th- Sukkot (First Day)
25th-Shemini Atzeret
26th- Simchas Torah
Think I need to brush up on the meanings of some of these dates.

And of course we have Daylight savings day starting on the 30th.
Halloween on the 31st.

Then I will be going to a Wedding rehearsal Dinner on the 14th and the Wedding of a Nephew on the 15th.

If you are into moon phases, there will be a new moon on Oct. 3rd,
a First quarter moon on the 10th,
a full moon ( what we used to call a lover`s moon) on the 17th,
and the last quarter moon on the 25th.

Well, my mind has slowed down and I must call my sister back as she left a message on my CALLWAVE on my computer. Hate answering when it rings as it only gives a few minutes for talking. So, I just go offline and call the party back. She just wishes to know what I would prefer from the menu for the Wewdding Rehearsal Dinner.
The day has just started so who knows what I will decide to accomplish today, if anything. LOL.

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