Thursday, October 27, 2005


New Great Granddaughter

Got a phone call from my youngest Daughter a little after 5 am this morning. Last night another daughter asked me when I thought Christina would have her baby. I told her could be 2 or 3 in the motning, but probably around 5 in the morning. Around 5 was right.
Hi everyone, Just wanted to tell everyone I have another Great granddaughter.
My yYoungest daughter called me a few minutes after 5am this morning to tell me Christina had a baby girl, 8 pound 4 1/4 ounces- 19 " long. Another Blond in the family.
Both baby and Mother are doing fine.
Think Brenda said Avian Noel, but I`ll find out for sure later. I must be getting old as this makes 8 Great grand children from our kids ( 3 Girls, 5 boys) and 4 + 1 step (4G + 1 B) from Walts- so 13 in all (7G, 6 B) .
This is my youngest daughters first grandchild.
Boy! Does that make me feel old.
Chilly out, 38 degrees F.
Now, maybe I can relax. One less thing to worry about. I am sitting here yawning. Couldn`t sleep well last night worrying. This granddaughter injured her back a few months back while at work. She was working in an adult handicap Home when she was injured. Dr had her out of work for about a month, but she went back to work last month. They transferred her to another Handicap Adult Home where they are better behaved.
Sitting here half asleep, so guess I`l get off and maybe write more later.

Congrats on becoming a great great grand mother.
Are you not a little young to be a great grand mother though?

# posted by Walker : October 27, 2005
Thanks for the compliment Walker. I was so tired yesterday that I even miscounted how many great grand children I do have. So, here is a correction for that count also.
But this is my 16th Great grand child ( 11 of ours + 5 from his) . From our children ( Walt`s and mine) this is the 11 th (5G, 6B).
From my step kids ( from Walt`s first marriage) there are 5 (2G, 3B). I raised the 2 step children, Girl from age 4 and her brother -his mother kicked him out at age 14 and we took him in. So their grandkids are like my own Great grand kids.
Like your idea of my being too young, but I just had my 74th Birthday Sept. 4th. Age doesn`t bother me as long as I can keep working in my wood shop making things and am able to live in my own home taking care of myself. Just finished the shelf case for some of the horses in my collection. Needed a place to hold the plants for the winter, so made the top to withstand moisture and placed some of the plants on the top of it. Thats a tiny part of my horse collection.
Have a great weekend.

# posted by Dotm : October 28, 2005
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