Wednesday, October 26, 2005


My new Horse Case

Spent today finishing up the Horse book case and placed some of my horses onto the shelfs. Then I had all those plants I brought in from outside. Was able to put some of them on the table in front of a window in the laundry room, but they all wouldn`t fit. My dinning room floor was loaded with plants, boy you could hatdly walk thru it. So, I decided to make the new shelfs a little wider so I could use the top for holding plants.
Then I didn`t want the moisture from the plants to bother the varnish. So, I cut some white waterproof wall board to fit the top to sit the plants on. Next I will need to take the old shelve case out to the shop out of the way. I decided not to put a back on it, unless I change my mind at a later date.
Have you seen those drills and screw drivers that are powered by batteries? I got out the large battery powered drill only to find the battery was dead.I always charge up the second one to have it ready, but when I checked the second battery pack, it too was dead. Guess they sat too long since I last charged them. But those battery powered ones worked real well. So, I managed to get it made. I have one battery in the charger now in hopes it will be ready the next time I need it.
When I got this all done and filled, I had one more thing I wanted to get done today. Sassy is still insisting on staying outside nights and it`s getting down into the 30 already. So, every winter I take a piece of old rug and cut it a little bigger than the dog house doorway. Then I nailed the top of the rug along over top of the opening letting the rug hang down like a door covering the opening. . Now the wind won`t blow in on her. When I made the dog house I made it large enough for her to be able to lay down off to one side away from the doorway. With the rug hanging over the doorway, it makes a wind block to keep the house a little warmer. You would have to laugh to watch her. She is so used to having the rug once it gets colder out, that she often lays inside and just pokes out part of her head - just far enough so she can see everything thats going on outside. Like a little kid playing Peek-A-Boo. But after winter is over and it starts warming up outside , I need to remember to remove the rug. If I don`t, she will tear it down herself. Thats why I needed to find another section of rug as the old one was getting a bit too small from all her tearing it down over the years.
Well, there is still three more large plants sitting on the floor waiting for me to find where to put them. Need to do that another day as my old body is telling me it`s time to rest till tomorrow.
The blue above the shelfs is a long
Gotta go, Daughter just called to say granddaughter is in hosp in labor.

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