Saturday, October 29, 2005


My Garage Mural-done in 2002

Can you see the horses in the barn, the ducks in the pond, silo, wagon,truck, dog in doghouse chained up to a stake, windmill, grass growing up center of road going to the barn, furniture on porch, wood box beside porch, old tall pitcher pump still driping water, kids wagon, wheelbarrow filled with cement, mat in front of door, and there are flower boxes on each side of porch that doesn`t show so well, plus more. I just kept adding what ever came to mind as I went along. Had no plans, just worked along with what ever I thought might belong in the olden days farm properties. My first large painting came about only because I needed something challenging to occupy my mind at the time. Love Horses, my childhood dreams were to someday live on a Horse Ranch. More pictures to follow

This is my garage painting-- two doors together measure 8 feet wide x 8 feet high. Did with a 1/4 inch paint brush. You remember those tiny ones that come in a kids paint by number set. Colors done by mixing 4 basic paints together. Took 3 full weeks working from sunup to sundown and some done using the light over the doors. My way to keep my sanity when I first lost Walt. Horse head overhead was given to me by my younger sister and her husband. He passed away little over a year ago from a fall off a ladder while trying to hang a swing in the tree in their backyard for his grandchildren to use. One swell fellow.

Oh My, Dot, That was a fabulous project. I am amazed at the size of it. I'm sorry for the reason you did it - your dh should not have lost his life that way. How very sad. But you pulled yourself up and out and should be proud of that. Did you put varnish over it all to protect it from the weather? Can people passing by enjoy it? Shirl
thanks Shirl. Think I might have confused you as it was my sisters husband that died from the fall. My Walt died back in 2002- 3 yrs ago from Emphasema. He was bad for a yrs , then went on oxygen towards the end. He seldom ever complained, he was a wonderful Husband for over 50 yrs. Still miss him like crazy. But my brother-in-law was also a great Husband and father and him and my sister gave me much in my horse collction. Sis told me a few days ago that she has another item for me that her husband bought for me, but it was Christmasy so she was waiting till Christmas to give it to me. Last month for my birthday she gave me things her hubby had picked up to give me. They were great when i lost Walt. They often included me when they went places, now Sis and istill go places together. I have other bros and Siosters also.
My Heart and Soul went into doing that painting and I keep praying for it to last a few more years. Lots od things don`t show good in the pictures, such as the little black and white dog in the doghouse and the silver chain going from the dog collar to a stake in the ground outside the doghouse. To do some of the very fine small things took really consentrating which was what i needed back then.
Thanks friend for visiting my blog.
Yes i have sprayed it every fall with clear urethane. Last week i sprayed it again with the MINIWAX spar Urethane with hopes to keep it for another winter. It is showing a few places where the paint is starting to crack, but might be the fact that i painted it onto plywood.
Yes, it can be seen from the road while driving down out street. But the garage does sit at the end of the driveway- further back from the road than the house does.
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