Sunday, October 02, 2005


My Doll Collection- Oct.2nd, 05

Just posted this reply into Mr haneys blog and decided to also add it to mine. It`s about my Doll collection
Took me three years looking thru both Ashton Drake and another such co to find dolls that resembled my kids when they were small. Even found one that looks exactly like my picture when I was small. People are surprised over the resemblance when I show them the dolls along with a pictures of the kids. Also have a set of twins that feel like a real baby when you hold them. Had them for years, but one sis just saw them for the first time last week. She couldn`t get over how much if felt like she was holding a real baby. Then I handed her the twin doll ( one boy and ones a girl) and I told her "Now you know what it was like for me when I had to carry my twins around". HaaHaa. She said better me than her. Now was that a nice thing to say to me? I also have a few other dolls that I bought before I started finding the kid copies. Ones a cowgirl riding a rocking horse, ones in a pretty dress riding on an old fashioned wooden tricycle, ones on a horse that has a tricycle base with 2 much larger metal wheels in the back, 2 cowboys & 2 cowgirls sit in wicker chairs at a wicker table. One holding a guitar, one has the rope, holster with gun etc., and there are real china dishes on the table. Ones in a highchair, one in the small lawn swing that Walt and I used to make, ones a little boy looking thru the window at a puppy, One looking like me is in a wicker carriage, the 6 dolls resembling my kids are in two wooden- glass front and sides -cases on the wall. Well, there are 18 in all. One is a tiny doll on a a small rocking horse. Tied up a lot of money, but it was over a 5 -6 year span so never seemed like as much being spent that way.
But let me tell you it`s a tiny collection compared to my Horse Collection that some say i need a bigger house for them. Maybe they are right as I do have loads of things there. But, that would take hours to tell about. So, maybe another time.

Funny first they were working on the site, now it printed twice. HELP ANYONE?//
How do I erase one copy and just leave the other one???????
Thanks loads Mr Haney. The second posting is now gone. I should have seen the delete, but just tried to find a way while the second post was opened. Never thought to check where they were all listed.
Thanks again.
Do you have a camera to picture the dolls ?
jac, i got out my kodak easy share Digital camera and posted pictures of many of those Dolls for you to see.
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