Monday, October 10, 2005


Monday, Oct.10th

Here it is, the first day of another new week. Raining again, so can`t accomplish anything outside. But since I wanted to start putting Halloween decorations in the windows, I did run outside long enough to wash a couple windows. Then I hooked up the longer hose and rinsed off the outside windows. I have one window that ended up a bit streaky so will redo it after the rain stops. Will that be today, tomorrow, or when-- only God knows the answer to that.
After doing a load of washing and then running the dish washer, I sat for a while, felt chilly, so decided it was time to remove the door screen and put in the storm windows. One screen slides inside the storm door, but I found i still had to remove it to reach the storm. For some reason the storm had fallen further inside the door than it should have. I was able to pry the edge of it up using a screwdriver. First couple times I dropped it back inside. But eventually I did get it raised, washed and Halloween decorations taped onto the glass. I have decided to leave the screen out until after Halloween to make it easier to remove the decorations.
I remember how hard it was for Walt and I together to put the storm glass in to the back door. Now, here I am fighting to get it in alone. I swear that door opening either gets smaller every year or the glass sections grows larger. There is always this one corner that refuses to slide in. Today I used a short wide screwdriver under the edges of both the side and bottom corner until I was able to slide it in place. Each time I worry that I will break the glass before it slides in. So far, so good. If I remember when spring comes and I remove the glass, think I`ll do a speck of shimming off that overtight corner. Then I wouldn`t need to fight so hard in future years.
Oh, sounds like the dishwasher has shut off, but the dryer is still running. Why do we say that the dryer is running, the frig/ freezer is running , the temperature is climbing or falling, and doesn`t it sound stupid to say the fire is burning. What else can a fire do, can it still be a fire if it`s not burning?
Guess it`s time to stop playing here on the comp as the dish washer won`t empty itself and the Dryer won`t remove the clothes, fold them up or put them away. Ever wonder if sometime in the future every house will have robots to do all this work? If that happened, would people get even more obese from having more time to just lay around? Time to get busy, things won`t get done by themself.
Oh, just one more thing-- did you ever wish your watering hose was just a few feet longer? I needed about 2 feet more to reach the farthest window. I found that my extra washer hose from the old washer would screw onto the end of the hose and it did reach that window. Smile, there`s a good days work still waiting to be done.

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