Monday, October 03, 2005

Just watching the news about the Ethan Allan touring boat that capsized on Lake George with 48 seniors from Michigan aboard. The cause is still a mystery. What a terrible thing to happen One of the 20 servivers had just came back from Louisiana where she worked with the Red Cross. She was one of the lucky ones that was able to catch a rope being thrown to her from another boat that came to the rescue when they saw the boat tipping over. She said she couldn`t hold on to the rope the first time it was thrown to her, but the second time she was able to. She said she would always be grateful for the local people that saved her life, took her to the hospital and were so caring. The survivers are now on their way home to Michigan. Seems they were visiting in Canada when they then came to Lake George. What a terrible thing to happen. In all my years I have never heard of anything like this happening on Lake George. It is a big resort Town in the summer and all the large boats draw a huge crowd. Ethan Allen is one of the smaller cruise boats. Even though I live only about a forty minutes ride from Lake George, Walt and I did enjoy the cruise on one of the larger boats "the Mohigan Cruise Boat" which goes all around the large lake. Walt and I had been on vacation to Pennsylvania and on our way home, we went past our Northway exit. I asked Walt where he was heading and he said - thought we might take one of the boat cruises before going home. Walt grew up in a town near the lake so the tour went past places he knew as a kid. When I was a kid our school once had a picnic on the beach and when our kids were small we used to often go to Lake George swimming till it got so packed with out of towners on vacation. Then the beach became so crowded you couldn`t find an empty space large enough for even 4 people to lay down on towels. It`s funny how a popular place for the local people becomes too crowded for the local people to enjoy themself at their own beach. Guess the money that out of towners ( people from other states often vacation there, plus some movie stars own places on the Lake. ) brought in soon became more important than their own residents. I sometimes go thru Lake George, but haven`t been to the Beach in years.
With so much suffering still going on in the South, here is more suffering for Families to share. In our local paper it mentioned one elderly person saying she couldn`t find her husband. He was thrown to the other side of the boat and she yelled to him, but he didn`t answer and that was the last she saw him. I hope he was with some of the 20 taken to the hosp ahead of her and not one of those that was killed when the 40 foot boat tipped over.
So much suffering going on everywhere in our great country along with all those killed in Iraq. Seems like so much going on all at once. It has become almost impossible for anyone not to feel these sorrows today. If you have any feelings at all, the TV covering will effect you.
Probably was always this much going on in the olden times, but there just wasn`t TV around to cover it and make it public for everyone to see like it is today. Has a bigger effect on you when you can see it so live on a TV than it did just reading about it in the newspaper.
God Bless them all.

Today was my Husbands Birthday. he would have been 79, but I have tried to keep my mind on other things to keep from thinking so much about how much I still miss him and wish he were here with me. One D just brought me over a Brownie and a large piece of Pumpkin bread that she made today. She said she felt it was a down day and that I could use a hug. Think she also needed the hug.
I did something I normally don`t do. I forgot to take the mail out to the mailbox, so I need to remember to mail them tomorrow.
I also need to call the vet again tomorrow. I have already spent 236.97 treating my dog Sassys ear infection and here she is digging her ear and whining again. Must have been more wrong than just the ear infection that the dr gave me the meds for or it should have been ok. I even called him to get more pills and ear drops and so figure must be more wrong with that ear. I hate seeing her suffering and hope the next apt will find a cure this time.
I have to call one of the sons to take us to the vets as there is no way that I can drive and control her at the same time. Usually my son drives his car and drops down the back seat and his son sits back there with Sassy. Sassy loves going to the vets. When we get there she is in such a rush to get inside. She just loves the people there. Even getting the needles doesn`t make her stop trying to rush in. You would think that after so many needles she would want to stay away from there. If she didn`t behave so well there I probably would change vets. But I did take her once to a closer place and it was all we could do to handle her, so went back to the other place even though it is farther to drive there.
Got dark early tonight. Daylight has already started getting shorter. Did warm up to 70 today which felt good. One of those days when I just didn`t feel like doing anything, but did do two loads of washing and run the dishwasher. Then spent a lot of time on the comp. Itis now 9:09 pm.
hello dot.
i use to have a lot of problems with my dogs ears when she was here with me. sure do miss that dog. well it is 2;30 a. m. and i think i will go to bed. i have to start on my floor tomorrow. have a good day.
hello dot. i just dropped by to sign your guestbook. you need to get a guestmap now at the same site.
Mt haney, Yes, I checked out for the map, but didn`t find the lingo to print to add it. But, I will try again and maybe have better luck next time.
Thanks for signing the Guest Book.
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