Monday, October 31, 2005


Halloween- Oct.31st.

Hal-low-een, Looks funny when you break the word up. It is now 8PM and I sit here wondering if there will be more trick-or-treaters on their way here? So far I have handed out candy to 53. I only origionally made up 50 bags, so had to rush and make up more. I just made up another 10 bags to be ready if more to arrive.
A few minutes ago one of my grandsons showed up t with his girlfriend. he wanted his grandmother to meet her. She seems nice. I was told that she was very bossy and overbearing. Tthey have been seeing each other a little over a year is what my grandson said. Time will tell if they stick together in the future or not. It`s always possible that she isn`t that bossy when they are alone as he is the type that wouldn`t argue in front of most others. So, maybe she just looks bossy because he agrees with what she says. OH WEll, it`s their life, so I will hope for the best.
Gee, it`s been 12 minutes since the last trick-or- treater stopped here, so maybe I can go out and loosen Sassy`s chain so she can again reach the porch. I went out and wound her chain around the post a few times to prevent her from scaring thje little kids when they came to my door. I used to bring her inside till the kids stopped arriving, but can`t chance it now that i am alone. She would be sure to make a fast dart out the door while I was handing out the candy with the door open so long. Sometimes they come in groupf of 5 or 6 and the door is open while I give each one the candy bags.
Walt loved handing out the candy and that left me to watch the dog and time to take pictures of some of the kids. I don`t get many pictures now as they keep arriving one group after another.
Wish I knew if there would be more kids or not. I will need to go unwind Sassy`s chain before I get too tired.
Thought I would try out the PolyEdit program that a good friend told me about. So, I`m writing it this way and see how it goes.
Wonder why they don`t change Halloween to a Fri or Sat night instead of on a school night? They changed other Hollidays to a Monday to make long weekends off for workers, so why not change this holliday to a week-end for the kids so they won`t have to get up the next morning for school.
Used the clip board to move my post from the PolyEdit, to the clipboard and onto my blog. learned something new again. I always say that I am never too old to learn. Learning just helps to keep a mind more active.

hello dot. i am glad to see you liked those 2 programs. i especially like that m8 clip board. a lot of the blogs i go to you have to write your name and password and even an e-mail address. i wrote them out in poly edit on 3 different lines and then highlighted and copied them one at a time. that put it in my m 8 clipboard under a,b,and c .so now i open the clipboard when i go to comment on a blog and just hit f12 and then i move my mouse and cursur in the space where it says user name and click once and then point the cursur at my username which is now on my clipboard and click on it and there it is in the space provided for user name. it is a lot easier than typing it at every blog when i want to comment.
My mother sat at the door waiting for kids armed with bags of candy but noone showed up but my little niece who left with enough candy to get cavitied on teeth that hse hasn't grown yet.
I think here it has changed alot because families have moved to te suburbs and the only people left in the core are the die hards like us who have no kids and single people with no kids.
When I was a kid there were heaps of kids and the street at night was crawling with trick or treaters.
Good tip, Mr Haney. I wasn`t sure if the clip board would erase everything when I shut my machine down for the night. So, then it saves what ever is still on it when I shut the comp down and it is still there the next time I put the comp back on? Thanks again for the help. I appreciated it.
Walker, Thats too bad. I`m sure your Mother would have loved seeing the little kids in their costumes. It`s so hArd having to spend the money and sit watching and have noone show up. Thats the way it is on the street where my brother lives. Noone shows up unless it`s a family member. He is living in our Home place and when my Parents were there many kids showed up.
One year I only got about 36 or so and that was because the parents were taking their kids to the trailer courts and the mall because they could get lots more without driving or walking so far. Think people are more aware now of the dangers of getting candy from strangers, so they are back on our streets again.
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