Friday, October 28, 2005


great granddaughters, Oct.28th, 2005

Here are two of my great grandchildren .
One is 4 yrs old while her baby cousin is just 1 day old. Haley wanted to hold the new baby, so I put her on my lap and let the baby sit on her lap. So, while I was actually holding little Arianna Noelle, Haley thought she was. She didn`t want to get off my lap and just sat there holding the baby with me for a very long time. We had a time getting her off my lap when we were ready to leave. Then the baby`s grandmother ( my youngest daughter) showed up and I handed the baby over to her so we could get ready to leave. My granddaughter looked so tired. She told me that the baby wouldn`t sleep in her own bed at night so she had her on the bed with her all night. That explains why the baby slept while we were holding her. Hope they do better tonight as they are going home from the Hosp tomorrow. They leave the babies in the room with the mother around the clock. My granddaughter asked the nurse about the baby while she took her shower. The Nurse told her to just put the baby`s bed near the bathroom door and she would hear her if she cried. Granddaughter told me she waited till a friend showed up to watch the baby before she took her shower. In the old days they took the baby to the nursery at night so you could get rested up before going home. They keep babies with problems in the neo-natal nursery unit and leave all the others in the rooms with the mothers, so I can`t see why they even have a regular Nursery . Of course today they put all mothers and baby in private rooms, so no cheaper semi-private rooms today. I wonder if the Hosp bill still has a charge for the Nursery that you don`t even use? Private rooms protect the babies from being around so many, but they let anyone in to see them, so private rooms are probably just a way for the Hosp to charge more money. It`s almost 10:30 and i got up at 5:30 this morning, so I`m getting tired. Guess I`ll get off and rest sitting up with the bed seat on the bed and watch TV for a while before going off to slumberland. .

that is a good picture dot. i bet your so proud you could just bust.
Mr haney, Thanks. I feel proud of all my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, including those from the two step children. Don`t have any contact with the step daughter, but I am in close contact with her children and grandchildren. She has no contact with them either. She doesn`t know what she is missing from dumping her 2 kids and never knowing her 5 grandchildren . They are all special to me.
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