Friday, October 14, 2005


Friday, Oct. 14

What a day. Rain again, is it ever going to stop? Tonight I attended my nephews Wedding Rehearsal Supper. Food was delicious, as was the company. There were between 30 and 40 attending including the Minister and his wife. Tomorrow is the wedding. Our side of the table got served first, and since the minister sat over half way down on the side opposite where I was sitting, he was one of the last to be served. He told us not to wait for him, but to go ahead and eat.
That reminded me of the time Walt took me out for supper on one of my Birthdays. We gave the waitress both out orders at the same time. After the long wait, she brought in Walts order and said mine was coming shortly. I told Walt to go ahead and start eating while his food was still warm. He finished eating his food and my meal still hadn`t arrived.
Walt headed for the kitchen to see what the hold up was. They apologized
to me and asked again what my order was. I told Walt I
didn`t feel like eating alone and I wasn`t real hungry and lets go home.
Wonder if they ended up cooking my order, and if so, did anyone eat it or did they just toss it. I really don`t care as I didn`t intend on waiting another half hour for them to cook it and then having Walt sit another half hour while I ate it. Walt was willing, but I wasn`t willing to put him thru it. Well, we never went back to that restaurant again.
Just went to Mr Haneys blog and listened to his audio recording. Think that was his first audio post and he did a good job with it.
Wish it would stop raining, been raining for too many days in a row. Expecting rain again tomorrow.
Ron came up, checked out the kitchen roof and tarred it where he thought th leak was from. Now, i wait for another harder rain with the winds blowing to see it if still leaks. it never leaks with the regular rain, but just did the day the wind was blowing so hard. I am hoping to get thru the winter and having a new roof added on next spring. I plan on having
the kitchen roof highered to the same height as the rest of the house. Figure that would give the roof a better slant so the snow would slide off better. Then, I will start praying that the Town doesn`t raise my taxes a lot higher. Have to check and see if i need a permit to raise the roof.
Too late in the season to do it now as it`s already cold enough that the furnace keeps running. With the price of fuel oil, I hope what i have lasts a long time. Then if I raise the roof up to meet the roof on the rest of the house, I will lose the window in that end of the upstairs bedroom- so would need to move the window out into the end of the addition to allow light to come in. Hope it doesn`t make the bedroom on that end be so dark it would need lights burning even in the daytime. Seems whenever you change one thing you end up with another puzzle to solve. I don`t have to decide right now as can`t do anything till winter is over and warmer weather is back agin. So have a few months to figure out what I want to do.

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