Thursday, October 20, 2005


Cleaning up outside-Work, work, work

Weather man said our first deep freeze will be tonight-- expected to go down into the 20`s F, ( think thats about -5 below 0- C). Wonder why we need two means of measuring outside Temperatures. All depends on where in the World we live. Maybe they just want to keep us guessing.
I transplanted the flourishing pepper plants to a smaller container and put them on the back porch and covered them with plastic hopeing they don`t freeze overnight . I also dug up some of the front flowers that can keep growing inside in the winter. Ran out of soil to transplant them, so hid them also under the plastic. Keeping my fingers crossed, On second thought, they are too bent to cross, so would cross my toes, but then they wouldn`t fit in my shoes. Guess will just wish for the best and see how it goes.
My stand-up garden is no more. Have all the large Earth Boxes dumped, ( boy! were they heavy with all that mud left from dumping the water) , got them washed and packed away in the garage till next spring. Before dumping the soil, had to tip them a ways to run off all the water still in the under section of the boxes. By the time I finished it was hurry into the house to get out of those wet clothes. No, didn`t dump any of the water on myself. But each time I washed another earth box and all the support dividers, I would drop the end of the hose thru the top of the base frame. Well, this one time , while iIwas reaching for the next box to spray it clean, suddenly the hose popped up out of the frame, sprayed at the house and richocheyed back at me. Tricky little hose. LOL Too chilly out to get wet like that.
While I was working one of my daughters drove by, stopped. and yelled to me saying " What are you doing out there working so hard". Told her going to freeze tonight, so garden time is over. I used the wheelbarrow to carry the dirt from each box and dumped some of it into flower beds along front of the house and the rest went on the edge of the property line where it was a bit lower. Didn`t want the water to freeze in the bottom of the box and possibly crack it.
Glad that chore is done, but sure will miss those fresh garden veggies. Rhubarb and onions are starting to go to seed now.
Got done just in time to start wondering what to fix for supper. Seems like I just ate lunch. Where oh where did all those hours go? Brought in a lot of small peppers waiting for me to take care of. Probably add them with the others in the freezer to use this winter.
Almost had eating apples this year, so guess I will spray more often next year. A nephew told me I needed to spray at least 4 times during the season and I only did it twice. Just wish they were ok in time for Walt as he loved apples. Used to buy them every week for him. He was always asking me if I would like him to peal one for me. I did often add a little water to the dish and cook an apple in the Microwave, then sliced it , but it in one of those small pie shells, sprinkle with cinnamon and spects of butter that melted fast, and top it with whipped topping. Tasted a little like an apple pie that way. Better than making a large pie with noone here to help me eat it.
Well, this isn`t fixing supper, so guess I`ll get moving and possible come bach here later.

hello dot. i was not hungry at all till i read your blog. it is 12:30 a.m. now and i probably should retire. walker just called sent me a message on msn and asked me if i was going to be here in an hour. i told him i probably would. he said he would call me on his microphone. he has yahoo messenger also but his is not compatable with mine so he has to call using msn. i usually get on the computer at midnight and stay on till 2 or 3 a.m. while i am writing this i am listening to george burns singing monkey is funny and so is george burns.
Your a busy lady.
I got all my plants in already and my peppers have been trimmed back. There were getting to big.
My gardinia is toast by the looks of it but I haven't given up on it yet. The house is looking like the Amezon right now LOL
Have a nice weekend. :D
Mr Haney, Did you end up heading off for something to eat? We have to keep our strength up if we intend to keep accomplishing something.
No Food;
No Energy;
Nothing Done!
That`s my feelings.
How long would we stay healthy if we didn`t keep getting some sort of energy? Why waste time doing exercises if we can get them by doing some of that hard work that sits waiting for us? This way, each exercise session means one less project still looking us in the face every day.
Hope you and Walker had a nice chat last night, or should I say this morning. I was sitting up in bed watching a movie and doing "Brick by brick and Quotefalls" till sometime between 1 and 2AM before donning the Full face mask of my C-PAP machine and trying to get some sleep. Then awoke before 5am and finished up the two books from last night and did a "Code word, Word seak and a Places Please" puzzles this morning while listening to the news. Loafed till almost 7am, then got up to feed Sassy- my Border collie.
Yes george burns always could bring on a laugh. Have a good day.
Hi Walker,
Wow!! That D you signed with could stand for lots of people such as your lovely Wife or myself. Isn`t that D popular. I know what :) stands for , but what does :D stand for? Before Marriage D also started my last name. I used to be a DMD, now I`m a DMM. Now. Don`t you laugh!! When I was small I used to say it stood for Dorothy Medical Doctor as I always wanted to be a Nurse. Ended up with over a years training on the job at our local hospital where I did everything a nurse was allowed to do except give a needle- even sometimes left in charge on the floor. But that`s another story.
Sounds like your house looks a lot like mine right now. I also brought all the indoor plants inside. Well most of them. Theres still a few under the plastic with the peppers on the back porch. Some fit on the table in the laundry room on the southern end of my home, where they get the sun. Others are now sitting on the floor of the room where some of the Horse collection is. Need to get more potting soil to replant some into the hanging planters to hang over the table, then comes the harder part. Where to sit the rest????? Have over 2 dozen Ammerillas already resting upstairs for the winter.
Good luck with the gardenia. I can`t have them in my house as am allergic to them and also to tomato plants-- but love tomatoes too much to stop growing them. I figure tomatoes and gardenias must belong to the same type family. Have a nice day.
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