Thursday, October 27, 2005


Arianna Noelle- great granddaughter

I dcided to correct the name of my new great Granddaughter.
Both her mom ( my youngest daughter) and her gram ( me) were overtired so when my daughter told me the baby`s name, I was too tired to think straight and so was she, so the wrong name got posted.
This cute little blonds name is:
"Arianna Noelle". at least that was the name my granddaughter told me she was naming it and I`m sure she stayed with that name. I will be going to the Hosp tonight to see both ny granddaughter and my newest great granddaughter. Hoping to take a few pictures while there. I was told she looks like her mommy did when she was a baby.
I`m sitting here still yawning from lack of sleep.
More later if I can stay awake that long.

Congrats on becoming a great great grand mother.
Are you not a little young to be a great grand mother though?
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Thanks for the compliment Walker. I was so tired yesterday that I even miscounted how many great grand children I do have. So, here is a correction for that count also.
But this is my 16th Great grand child ( 11 of ours + 5 from his) . From our children ( Walt`s and mine) this is the 11 th (5G, 6B).
From my step kids ( from Walt`s first marriage) there are 5 (2G, 3B). I raised the 2 step children, Girl from age 4 and her brother -his mother kicked him out at age 14 and we took him in. So their grandkids are like my own Great grand kids.
Like your idea of my being too young, but I just had my 74th Birthday Sept. 4th. Age doesn`t bother me as long as I can keep working in my wood shop making things and am able to live in my own home taking care of myself. Just finished the shelf case for some of the horses in my collection. Needed a place to hold the plants for the winter, so made the top to withstand moisture and placed some of the plants on the top of it. Thats a tiny part of my horse collection.
Have a great weekend.
congratulations dot. i will be waiting for you to e-mail me some pictures. i love pictures of little babies.
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