Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Wed. Sept 28th

Learned something new today thanks to a friend Charles who showed me how to work with the template and add links to my blog. The more I learn about different things to do on my blog the more interesting it will probably get.
Chilly enough to day . Had to turn the temp up so the furnace would come on. With the fuel going up I am hoping to make what I have last a little longer before I need to buy more.
Almost ended up watching one of the great grandkids a while ago, but her Mother arrived before Daughter T had to leave for her Dr apt. She would have kept me on my toes as she is one who never stops for a sec..
Had a nice time yesterday. A sister-in-law invited my 3 sisters and myself out to a Restaurant forLunch. Then we went back to her home and I got to spend more time with my oldest bro. On the menu was sweet potato fries. never had them before and love sweet potatoes so decided to try them. They were good and each of my sisters wanted to try one. They had reg fries.
Uncovered the pepper plants this morning, but need to recover them tonight. Peppers still getting larger- don`t want the frost to kill them.
Expected a Thunderstorm today, but not so far, so maybe they will be wrong which would be fine with me.
Think I`ll sign off and get out the wheelbarrow and pick up all the ceramic animals from the front flower beds and put them inside the shop for the winter. Sure would be nice if the youngest son would take all his stuff from the garage so I could start putting them in there. Also still have some of his things still packed in the cellar. Wonder how many other parents have their kids stuff around waiting for them to move them out? He`s always going to take them, and there they still set. Hard complaining since he does so much for me. Did most of the roof. His bro who helped him told me that Ron can do 3 rows to his one. But Ron does it for a living so is super fast from experience. He also helped pull and replace the well pipe. How do you get rid of a kids things when he helps you so much. Maybe someday he will surprise me and show up with a truck to carry them to his apt.. I can hope, can`t I ?

Accomplished a lot today. After doing 2 loads of washing and putting them away, I went out and picked up all the ceramics from the flower beds along the front of the house and they are now safely stored for the winter. Then I got out the cover for the large flowerbox on the side porch railing and it is fastened on for the winter to protect the box from the snow this winter. Then I got ahold of my youngest son, told him I had a dunpster to fill and asked if he would want to sort out all his boxes in the garage while I had it. Then one of the twins showed up and with their help I got the garage all cleaned up and we piled all the items Ron wanted to keep onto his brothers truck and off they went to unload at the youngest`s apt. Boy, after about 3 1/2 years his stuff is finally out of my garage and I now have room to open my dorr wider without fear of scratching it on some of the piled things. Feels good to have my garage back. Next time will be to sort out what he wants to keep from his boxes in the cellar. Did the attic last summer. What a day, now I`m tired and it is already 8:30 pm so guess i`ll quit for tonight.
hello dot. well i am glad to help on your blog. if you happen to see some thing on my blog you would like to do to your own then just ask and i will try and explain it to you. one thing i would suggest to you though is go to your template and click on an empty space next to all the html and hold down your control key on your keybowrd and touch the letter a. that will highlight every thing on your template. then click your mouse again on a blank area of your template and hold down the control key again and touch the letter c on your keyboard and that will copy the entire text on your template. then exit out of your template and go to wherever you write your e-mails and click on compose. click your mouse on an empty area where you are going to write your text. hold down the control key and touch the letter v on your key board and that should paste all the text you just copied from your template. then just mail that to yourself and when you get it then save it. that way you will always have the original copy in case your template gets messed up some day.
Thanks Mr Haney. I have been using copy/paste to e-mail and save the posts into my Journal that i started many years ago. Haven`t done much writing in my Journal lately, so added some of the posts here to it. Once I start using the keyboard letters, it will probably be faster. I have been highlighting everything with the mouse, then doing the mouse right click for copy/ paste idea.
Thanks again. I also read the advice you got from Lisa. Never hurts to learn even more faster ideas. Left Lisa a thank you note on her map. Think she will ever find it?
It is almost 8:30 now.
Next need to know how to set the correct time here on comments.
8:25pm- correct time
Very intresting.
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