Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sunday Sept. 25th

Here it it Sunday, almost lunch time and I still haven`t decided what I will accomplish today. Sitting here typing while listening to a music Cd. It is the one a daughter bought for me when we went to see the Elvis impersonater. He was ok, but not as good as the First Elvis Impersonator that I saw a couple years ago. Usually I play Country artists music. I still like my old 8 track one with Eddy Arnold singing on it. I like to hear him yodel. But I haven`t copied it to a Cd yet and have to use the sterio with the 8 track connected to it to play my songs on the 8 tracks. I still also have the 8 track car player, but never put it into the car I own now. Maybe someday. Had it in the old car for over ten years and it still works great. Sometimes I worry about the old 8 track tapes wearing out or breaking. I did copy some of them onto cassett tapes, but still lots more to copy off. Would someday like to put them onto the newer Cd`s or DVD`s would probably even be better .
Well, this isn`t getting my blind up and it`s been sitting in the front room long enough. Oh Well, I usually have the blinds open during the winter to allow the morning sun to help heat up the house, but shut at night. But it comes in handy shut on those hot days to keep out some of the heat from the sun. No problem today as it is only going up to 69 F, so cool in here. I even put on a light jacket this morning to sit here at the comp. Might need to remove the kitchen window conditioner soon.
Well the Cd songs are on the last one and then I`m going to see if I can get the hooks up and hang that wide blind. It fits the 42 1/2 picture window. I have small blinds in each of the smaller double windows on each side of the picture window. Off I go to do the blind as the Cd is done playing.

Here it is 3:16 and I actually did put up the 3 blind hngers and the blind is now in place and works ok. But, did I ever feel stupid.After hanging the blind and pulling the curtain back in place, I took down the ladder and put it away. But to my surprise , when I started pushing the couch back to the wall, there laying on it was the over pull back curtains that match the under curtains. The 72 inch curtain rod with the over curtains was still on the couch. So, I pulled out the couch. carried the ladder back and opened it up and did more climbing as I put that 2nd long rod onto its holders. Whew, glad that job is done.
The next worst job waiting for me is to make two cement foundations in the cellar to sit the cellat jacks on. But that will have to wait another day as the chilly weather is making my hands a bit stiff and I hate to waste the furnace fuel just yet. Could use the ben franklin, but too lazy to bother with it right now. Also might do some baking later to warm up the house some and remove the kitchen air conditioner to shut this window beside me so won`t catch cold.
Course thats no excuse for the plants that i need to hang inside. Maybe I`ll just do them for today before the cold night kill them.
Soon will need to remove the screens and put the two screen door glass sections in- one in the back and other in the front. Seems like there is always something waiting for me to get to. Lots more to get done when I am doing the work that used to be shared between me and my Hubby. It might take me longer, but I`ll eventually get it done-- at least I hope I can. I don`t believe in never, just in trying my best.
5:45, hanging plants all inside and back porch cleaned up.
One of these days I need to find where to reset the clock here to my time zone. It states 3 hours earlier than it realy is here.
Probably under setting so guess i check there.
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