Thursday, September 29, 2005


Sept 29th, 05, Thursday

WOW is it feeling chilly today. Only in the 40`s today. Sure can tell that winter isn`t far off. But still Sassy doesn`t want to stay in yet. Just gave her a treat- called "meaty bone" or something like that. Bought a large bag of them when went to BJ Club.
We didn`t get the thunder storm, but did get the strong winds. I went out earlier to be sure there was nothing to fly around either in my yard or the yard next door where a Daughter lives. I noticed that the boat cover was partly off, so i pulled it back and tied it better. Told daughter she should start covering her motorcycle to protect it from the weather. Not sure where she intends to keep it over the winter. Her friend takes his to his brothers garage, so maybe he will also take hers there. Time will tell. Still can`t believe that the strong winds left the air so cold. Glad i took the air conditioners out of the windows, or I would be freezing sitting here.
Tv just said we are getting a freeze tonight. Hope covering the peppers is enough. Guess I should go out and pick that lonely melon that grew in the compost bin from the melon seeds that i tossed there from the last melon I bought. Bought one and now getting one back, thats a good deal, don`t you think?
Well, Microwave just shut off so the baked potato is done. Guess i1ll go eat, then bring in the melon and cover the pepper plants for the night. Will have to give in and pick them all soon.
Time to eat. So Long for now.

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