Monday, September 26, 2005


Mon. Sept. 26, 05

Here I am again. A rainy day and a bit chilly.Got so chilly last night that I had to turn up the thermostat for the furnace to come on. Put it back down this morning and with the cold rain, I had to turn it back up. Guess its getting chillier early this year. Who knows, maybe we will get what they call the Indian Summer days when it warms up again for a few more days. Just added a new friend in my Yahoo contacts. I usually go invisible on yahoo much of the time, but do enjoy talking to family and friends both there and on msn. I used to like yahoo better, but haven`t used it since I updated yahoo till today.
My sister Ginny stopped in this morning. She had given her son a ride to the Hosp for tests and it was nice seeing her. We don`t get together as often as we used to since I don`t drive much thru the center of Town. After she left a bro stopped in for a short visit. He had jusy had some tests done. When he left, I started downloading e-mails and answering one when a G Daughter stopped in on her way to work. Boy! I go for days seeing noone, and then three the same day. A daughter just left me a message while I was on msn and yahoo messenger with a friend Charles.She said it wasn`t anything important and she`d call me back later. Can`t remember when I`ve heard from so many in the same day. Almost like Mother`s day again.
Not much got done so far today, just sitting visiting with everyone. It is 5:10 pm now, so most of the day is gone. Almost supper time and I never found time to eat breakfast or dinner till around 1pm. Just think if I was over in Australia I might be having breakfast. or even in Washington, might be only 2pm now. Isn`t it something that is still Monday here and going into Tues over across, or down under as they say. Gee they could come here and have a second Monday or we could go there and never have the night hours to sleep in. It sure was hard trying to figure a time to hold the Surprise Baby Shower 3 years ago. Had to figure a time that would work both here in NY and NJ and also in Australia. Well we attended the shower over the internet, was late evening here and still morning the next day there. Another Australian Friend agreed to handle the Surprise Party in her Home. It sure was a lot of fun. Cost almost 27 dollars to mail the gift that only cost me a few dollars in yarn to make- a large baby blanket, both a girls bonnet and matching booties, a boys cap, a stuffed clown and other small items. They would have cost lots to buy, but lots cheaper to crochet and knit them myself.
Well, I better go answer some more of the letters in my e-mail box before my D phones back.Someday maybe I`ll get a different internet where I can use the phone without going off the net. Then need to figure out something to eat.

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