Friday, September 23, 2005


A lazy day- Sept 23rd

Friday, Sept. 23, 05
What a wasted lazy day. After working so hard the past few days my back told me to take the day off. My back is my biggest boss and one I do listen to. I did manage to take care of one load of washing and the second load is piled on the washer waiting for me to fold and put them away. Will get it done before gets too late. WOW, only quarter after 6pm and I need to stop and put on the light. More proof that winter isn`t far off. Also need to go out and cover the pepper plants so the frost doesn`t kill them. They are still loaded with small peppers that I am hoping get a little bigger before I have to pick them. Might get down as low as mid 30`s or even lower tonight and frost is expected.
Guess I better get off here and call my sister-in-law to wish her Happy Birthday. She was married to my younger brother who died in 1994. Him and I used to be very close and confided everything to each other. I have 2 older brothers and 3 sisters ( one older and 2 younger), all of them I love dearly, but my younger brother- just 2 yrs younger- and I were the closest growing up and it stayed all thru his life. I`ll always miss him and have stayed real close to his wife and their children and grandchildren.
Had 3 sisters and 3 brothers, 3 older and 3 younger. Boy, can`t get any more in the middle than that.
Well, this isn`t getting anything done, so I better sign off for a while and make the phone call, fold the towels etc, cover the plants and take care of the dog. Maybe Sassy will decide to come in tonight since it`s going down so low. Sure hope so. She`s 9 years old and I already paid out over $170 on her ear problem and she`s still babying it. Might need to take her back to the vet again.
Well, signing off for now

Back again. Covered the plants, folded the towels etc and put them away, then brought Sassy in for the night. She knows when she should come in and when she can stay outside. She seems to know the weather better than I do. Gave her a rawhide chew for a treat. She took it, walked into the other room, came back out with the chew still in her mouth and stood there looking at me. From experience, I knew that meant her bed wasn`t laying on the floor for her to lay on while chewing up the rawhide. I usually stand it up out of the way while she is outside. Other times she just goes way into the end room- my Laundry room and lays by the back door. But when she chews a treat she prefers her soft bed . She may be just a border collie, but she sure makes her wishes known. Sometimes when I ask her which treat she wants, she will just stand there and not take which one I hand her until it is the one she prefers. But if I just give her a treat without asking her which she wants, she will take it and go lay down with it. Walt used to tell me she was more spoiled than he was, but then he also helped spoil her. She minds great and if I tell her to go lay down she looks sadly at me, lowers her head and goes to her bed. Her eyes can get to you just like a small kids sad face can.
She has the hickory beef short stick rawhides, the big flat rawhide pieces, the medium beefy bones, the little tiny stuffed treats and then a daughter bought her the mixed bones with both large and small bones in the bag. So, guess she is spoiled, but she usually only gets one treat a day unless some of the great grandchildren decide to give her some. She weighs about 55 pounds and is very strong . I have had her on the Lean dog food and still she gained another 5 pounds. I even cut down her treats by breAKING THE MED SIZE BONE IN HALF SO THE GRANDKIDS GIVE HER LESS. Quite hard to drag her into the house if she decides she wants to stay out. I do insist she come in on Holloween night so little kids won`t be scared when she barks. She loves everybody, but lets me know if anyone I don`t know enters my yard. She`s a good watchdog.I remember one time when the youngest son came home on the back of a friends motorcycle, had on the heavy jacket, helmet, and sneakers instead of the workshoes he usually wears.Sassy barked like crazy and wouldn`t let him in till I told him to remove the helmet so she could see who he was. Then her tail started wagging and he came in. She is my companion and I`d sure be lost without her to keep me company. She gives me a sense of being protected. A step great grandson even bought her an icecream toy that squeeks when she picks it up in her mouth. Since she got older she doesn`t run and bring things back like she used to. But, last Christmas she played the longest time with the grandson and the toy he gave her. After he left, she never bothered with the toy. Was like she was trying to keep him laughing till he went home. Trying to please him. She was just 3 months old when I got her back in June 1996. She belonged to my husbands niece and when we visited them Sassy kept following me all over their trailer and yard. When I got in the car to leave she jumped in and climb onto the back seat before I had time to shut the door. I took her out and carried her up to the porch and hurried back to the car and again she beat me in. Nieces hubby told me i had to take her home. When I said I couldn`t take their puppy, he said she chose you so shes yours, she never followed anyone else that way. My niece also told me to take her home with me. So, here we are 9 years later with her still following me around. Had a rough time with her for about a year after Walt died. She only ate a little and wouldn`t walk past the front room where he used to sit with his oxygen. It was a releaf when she stopped whinning and refusing to come past that doorway. Even using treats she wouldn`t budge. i often had to litterly drag her past and into the kitchen to tie her out. Well, she is getting older looking and some of her face hairs are turning grey, but she has such pretty white markings on her black body. It`s now 8pm and think I`ll close and go check my e-mails.
Am sorry about your brother.
thanks Jac.
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