Friday, September 30, 2005


Last of Sept

Last day of Sept and sure felt like the beginning of Winter. Was only in the 40`s today. But supposed to go back up into the 70`s over the weekend. Crazy weather. I`m in no rush for snow, freezing rain or the lower temps. I`m sitting here eating some garden string beans that I picked this morning. Added some butter, milk , hamburg to them. I like to dip bread and butter into the seasoned milk.
Back again, Had to stop eating and typing as had some company stop by. A granddaughter, her son and her friend. Guess I`ll have to stop till later as just heard my brother drive in.
Brother just left and supper is cold, so guess I`ll need to rewarm it.
Walked out to the car with my brother and found that my neighbor has a new little puppy. When it saw me it came running up the road to my driveway. I picked it up to keep it out of the way while my brother drove out. Then I figured I should carry it home so it wouldn`t get hit by a car as some drive way to fast up our short road. I was pretty sure who it must belong to , and when I entered threir driveway I was told it sure was theirs. The father had the older boy take it into the house and put it in its cage. I never liked cages myself, but I know many do. He looked like he had some beagle in him and a little German police, but was mostly light brown with a little white - no black. Asked his name- told brownie. They have had 3 different dogs in the past year and they all end up in my yard whenever I am out. Noticed that my favorite one hasn`t been around lately. Wonder if they gave it away, or what. More I think about it this could be one of her pups as it does resemble her. Time will tell. If it is then it will be a small dog as the other dog was small.
Decided to cover the garden boxes while was out there. This summer I bought one of those large dog water holders-- A huge plastic container that sits on a watering dish and it constantly keeps the dish filled. It holds enough water for many days, but I only half fill it and dump it every day and refill it.
WOW, don`t think I`m supposed to eat tonight. Had just reheated it when a neighbors daughter stopped selling for school. They catch me every year. But, the neighbors were great back when my kids were young and selling, so the least I can do is help out the next generation. Bought some Christmas wrap, a roller type scissors and some fudge. Don`t need the fudge, but it just looked good. Have to spoil myself once in a while, don`t I? If Walt were here he would have bought it for me.
Don`t feel like heating supper a third time, so guess I give up. Wasn`t real hungry anyways.
Back again. just run some choc kisses with cherry cream filling over to my D and her friend. Bought a large bag of them at BJ`s couple weeks ago and the next day saw the Dr who said my sugar was a little high, so last week I gave a lot of them to D, then this week gave some to a son and today took another dish of them to the D. They are good with that cherry filling. The more I give away, the less I will eat. Had them over two weeks and only ate about 6 or 8 of them.
I`m not a big sweet eater, but was in the habit of buying it for Walt and some habits are hard to break. So, even though I don`t eat it very often, I do keep a dish on the table for all those grandkids and great grandkids that keep showing up.
Wonder if Geralds Album or Charles radio has showed up yet? A while ago I went looking for the dishtowel. But I did find where I dropped it when I finished wipeing the dishes earlier. It was laying on the electric frypan. I laid it down to head for the compost pile with the potato peals and bean ends.
I picked the small melon, hope it is ripe. it has a hollow sound when i thump on it, so it might be. Figured it wouldn`t ripen more in the compost as the vine is dying from the cold nights. Might be my last year to use the 3 bin compost holder as its starting to be work turning it all the time. Time will tell.
Well, off to check the e-mails that came in this afternoon and evening.
Did you see that i started this post at 5:01 and am just finishing it at 7pm. Two hours to write this little bit with all the interuptions. But, I`m not complaining, I do enjoy seeing the family.
Sure is dark out tonight. Must be clouds covering the stars tonight. Just checked on Sassy and again she doesn`t want to spend the night inside.
Well, I`m off......

hello dot. lookslike you have alot of visitors. if that puppy came over to my house i would probably want to keep it.
my wife is called dorothy most of the time.i think she likes that best. my grandfather though use to call her dot. i mostly call her hon.
i was going to ask you is this your only blog? i have 5 of them now at this site. my main one is ramblin on though. i have my favorites list on the right side of my blog. you just have to scroll down and you will see a xtra favorites list and a favorites list. if you click on any one of those you will go to their blog. after a while you will see the same people making comments on each others blog. we are like a circle of friends. when you are at ramblin on that is my main site for blogs. if you look at my xtra favorite blog list you will see mrahney2,3,4,5. those are all blogs with blogger. ramblin on 6 and 7 are other sites. then i have other peoples blogs on the xtra favorite list. these are people i click on and read almost every day. right now you are on my favorites list but i am going to move your name to the xtra favorites list very soon. your name is dot on my sidebar.
well let me go to my template and see if i can change that now. i made some changes to my template today and before i did i made a copy of the template and paste it in an e-mail and sent it to myself. it is a good thing i did because when i went to my site today it did not look right at i had to go to my e-mail at msn and pull up my copy of the template and highlight it and copy it. then i went to my blog tempate which was messed up. i then deleted the entire wording on the template and pasted what i had copied from my e-mail and saved it and republished it and it was o.k. again. i am glad i made a copy . when ever i am going to make a lot of changes to the template i make a new copy. it is just a good idea. on my sidebar on the right of my blog under the flag you will see my photos, my photos 2 and fotki. i have a lot of pictures stores at these links. click on them and look around. well have a good weekend.
hello again. just changed the link to you from my favorites to my xtra favorites list. your name is between sara and denny. if you click on it you will go to your site and so will any one else that clicks on it.
You probagbly would fall in love with Brownie and want to keep her or him, must admit never bothered checking, just lifted her up and carried her/ him home. Had my face washed all the way to her home. Won`t need to wash my face for at least a month. HaaHaa.
She is already getting to be a bit heavy when carrying her down the road a couple doors on the oposite side of the street to their trailer. If didn`t already own a dog, I might have wished brownie was mine.
Already checked out the pictures you have on your site.
No, this is the only blog i have right now. Had another one a long time ago, but it`s been so long i`m not sure what I named it or what the sign in was-- about a year ago that was with the old computer.
Time is wrong when I posted lastcomment, was realy 8:42, not 5:42.
Must learn how to set the time on commects as the place for setting doesn`t show here.
Would you mind if I ask you some thing ?
What happpened to you between Sep 2004 and Sep 2005 ?
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