Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hard working-Thursday Sept 22nd

Here I am - another day. Yesterday I spent 2 hours putting all the tiles, black paper and tin off the front section of the house roof- into a large bin that my garbage pick up fellow left for me. Then I added some of the junk from my cellar- such as all the old plastic tubing pulled from the well when we redrilled it. Fun pushing it into the bin and having it only go tight all around the bin at the inside outer edges. Added some other things from the cellar, plus some of the junk wood pieces from the wood shop. Finally got that large bin filled.
This morning I awoke to hear the trash fellow dumping the bin and leaving it for my Daughter ( lives next door) and I to do more cellar cleanup, plus more from my shop.
Sure a lot of junk to get rid of from the pipe and other stuff left from pulling up the old water well when we replaced everything from the point to the kitchen faucet. It has to have it`s own spare line and can`t be connected anyplace into the town water lines in my house. Also had some items left from when we removed the old furnace and replaced it with the new furnace a few years ago. We went thru carbon monoxide poisioning before we realized the old furnace wasn`t working right. Boy, we sure learned the hard way. Almost lost hubby that time as he already had breathing problems. But, God was kind enough to give us almost 8 more years with him. I will always be grateful for those extra years even though I still miss him loads.
Well, guess thats all my thoughts for this time.

hello barb. well i found your blog so now i will be able to come here and see what you are up to. i hope you keep your blog up and running. if you go to my blog and look to the right and scroll down you will see favorite blogs.under that you will see some names. right after the word brave host and before gator's mom you will see the word dot. that is a link to your site. if you click on it it will bring you to your blog or if any one else visits my blog and clicks on your name they will come here.
have a great day.
Hi Mr Haney, glad to see it worked for you to enter my blog.
How did you set things up so you could list the other blogs down the side?
Tonight I finally took the blind back to Lowe`s to have them cut it down for me. While there I bought a couple small bags of ready mix cement to make a couple foundation cement bases to sit the new metal support posts on. I noticed that the floor near where the cellar and upstairs is seems to be getting a little unlevel. So figure putting a couple more jack supports in the cellar will level it back up. So, now I have 2 more jobs waiting for me to get done. Need to put up the blind in the front room picture window and do the cement base and put in the support posts. Bought a little extra cement so I could hopefully patch the small crack starting in the cellar wall or maybe fill in and level off all the places where the earthquake cracked the garage floor a few years ago. Still haven`t found the time to change the hinges on the last cupboard I made. OH Well, can do that after all the more important jobs are finished.
Too tired today as went out and mowed my property where the home is using my electric start push mower. Takes way too long starting it for some reason. I even took it back to Sears to have them readjust it. Takes a lot of pulls and a lot of pushes on the gas choke before it turns fast enough to catch. But it has the mulcher so I don`t need to rake after I am done. Finally have the grass looking great in the front yard. Took years to get it looking this good. Won`t be long before the flowers will end for winter. Did a lot of work this summer getting them to look so good, and they will soon die, but still they are so pretty it was worth the work.
Well, it`s quarter after ten Pm now, so guess I`ll stop writing for tonight.
you are sure doing a lot of work. you must have a lot of energy.
Today. so far, I haven`t done much. Took my shoe stretcher over so T could try to widen a sneaker near her little toe. OH, T stands for my daughter Theresa who lives in my other house next door to mine. Will belong to her someday. Hope the stretcher works for her. One of the twins stopped for a while before going to work at the school. So, been real lazy all morning. Suppose I should think about getting something to eat as haven`t had lunch and in a couple hours would be supper time. It`s almost 3 PM here now.
My son did me a good favor and carried the 80 pounds of ready mix cement down cellar for me so I wouldn`t have to carry those 2- 40 pound bags down the stairs. Was hard enough just getting them from my brothers car trunk up onto my porch. I can push and pull heavy things along, but lifting sometimes bothers my back. So was real rateful for the help. Never even asked son to carry it down for me. He saw the bags sitting on the porch, opened the door and asked " Where do you want these- In the cellar?" I do have wonderful kids who help any time I need help. I am one Lucky Mother. Guess thats all for now. So much waiting to be done today and here I sit loafing.
What have you got planned for today? tell Dot I said "hi". Hearing the Laughter on the MSN messenger brightened up my whole day. Thanks. Living alone, my house is way to quiet most of the time.
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