Saturday, September 18, 2004


Dot`s Thoughts

Sat, Sept. 18,2004
Rain has finally stopped and sun is shining. Need to get all the outdoor plants up onto the porch and cover the stand-up- garden plants-- expecting a Frost tonight. Hopeing to have the boards today so tomorrow can start painting them. They will cover where the side sheeting boards touch the roof.
Made and replaced the back porch railing with the spindle posts in it. Now strong and safe. Hoping to get all outside house repairs done before winter.

Here I am back again. it`s a year later. Today is Sept. 20th, 2005.
Had a thunderstorm today. Only lasted about an hour or so.
Gardon is almost done for this year. Only string beans, a few beets and peppers still growing.
Bought a new blind for my large picture window. Too wide, so need to take it back to Lows to be cut down some. Hard to hang it due to the small casin width between the picture window and the double hung smaller windows on each side. Had to add a small piece of board to give the casin enough width to hand the blind holders on.
Just finished making a large cabinet to hold all the large plastic yarn bins out of sight.Just got better hinges, so need to get them on. When done, the room will look neater.
Well, guess that all for today. Going to be heading for bed with my trusty C-PAP machine in a few more hours.
Wow, this Blog must be set for a different time zone as it said I wrote the last post at 5:10 PM, when it was 8:10 where I live-- 3 hours later.
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